Trojans offer Barksdale

Yesterday was a great day for Detroit, Michigan (Cass Tech) defensive tackle Joseph Barksdale. After competing in a combine at Ohio State, Barksdale receieved two new scholarship offers from two of the nation's elite programs.

"Coach (Brennan) Carroll of USC sent me a text message asking me to call him," Barksdale told "When I called him, he told me he liked what he saw at the combine, and said I did real well. He asked me to call Coach Pete Carroll, and I did."

"Coach (Pete) Carroll informed that they really want me at USC. He said I had proven myself as one of their top priorities. I asked if that meant I had a scholarship, and he said one would be coming in the mail."

It didn't stop there, though, as shortly afterwards, Barksdale received the same message from the Texas Longhorns.

"Coach (Bobby) Kennedy asked me to call him, and when I did, he told me they were going to offer me a scholarship. I'm going down to Texas on June 4th to watch their camp, and have the chance to meet Coach (Mack) Brown. I guess it is a tradition for Coach Brown to offer all prospects in person, and he will give me the official offer at that time," Barksdale stated.

With the two new scholarship offers, Barksdale's list of favorites have changed.

"You can replace Oklahoma and Michigan State with Texas and USC on my list," Barksdale informed.

"I'm also going to try and work out a summer visit to Penn State." Top Stories