USC coaches in Arizona

Every few years, a player comes along who places himself in a separate category of athlete. This year is no different, and Agua Fria (AZ.) defensive end Everson Griffen belongs in the "super freak" category. Griffen recently attended the Scout Combine at Citrus College, where he was named Camp MVP.

Griffen has since seen an increase in recruiting stemming from his performance at Citrus College.

"After the camp, I got an offer from Oklahoma. And that felt real good."

When asked how he performed at the camp, Griffen responded.

"I did pretty good. I liked the 1-on-1 drills, I learned a lot of new moves and how people react to them. I loved going against the better competition. I had some real competitive match-ups with my boy Kris O'Dowd, and that was real hyped."

Griffen and O'Dowd are creating a friendship that one day may make one college coach very happy.

"Yeah, me and Kris talk about it almost every night. We talk about going to the same school, it's something that is in the works right now. But I wouldn't say we're a package deal."

It is safe to say that Griffen is a special player, and many college coaches have stopped by Agua Fria to see first hand what the hype is all about.

"USC, UCLA, and Oklahoma all came by this week. Coach Holt came from SC, and that was good feeling. Knowing that I've accomplished something, and I've been doing good."

While there are plenty of schools in the mix for the "freak," two schools have worked a little harder in attaining his services.

"USC and UCLA are recruiting me the hardest right now."

Although Griffen is nowhere near a final decision, he has done some work limiting down all of the schools that are interested.

"I like USC, UCLA, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Oregon. All of the schools are recruiting me at d-end, and that's where I'd like to stay. I'm going to take all my visits and choose from there."

While there are plenty of schools fighting for Griffen's services, there is a bit of encouraging news for Trojan fans.

"Me and Kris O'Dowd are going to the Rising Senior Camp at SC over the summer."

When asked what things stood out to him about USC, Griffen responded.

"They have a great program, great academics, great coaching staff, and they really do a good job preparing you for the next level. And another thing is you go against the best every day when you are there." Top Stories