A Family Affair

Jordan Campbell of Norco (High) has been a star at three California combines this spring, proved he can be a dominating presence on defense and still has only seven scholarship offers.

He had the second highest SPARQ score at a combine in East Los Angeles, earned first-team, all-combine honors at the Scout.com All-American Combine in Los Angeles and was one of the standout combine performers at Stanford last Saturday, despite a tender groin and hamstring.

So, what more does Campbell have to do get some serious love from some of the Pac-10 schools he favors? Well, the combine at Stanford, which over 200 college coaches attended, might have been the just what the doctor ordered.

"Arizona and Arizona State told me I'm one of their top three guys and they visited,"Campbell said. "Boise State said they'll visit too."

While the visits are nice, scholarship offers are ultimately what he's looking for, and so far , Washington, Oregon, UNLV, Minnesota, Connecticut, Baylor and New Mexico are the only schools to offer. Not that he's not appreciative of any offer, but Campbell prefers to remain closer to home and in the Pac-10.

"Most of the Pac-10 schools are no more than a short plane ride from home," Campbell said. "I'd like to stay close to home so my family is able to attend all of my games."

Campbell will have the opportunity to remain closer to home and in the Pac-10 with recent offers from Oregon and Washington, but if he had a choice, he'd remain in southern California.

Campbell grew up in a Trojan family and the ideal offer would come from USC, but he understands an offer from USC is far from a given and considers offers from Washington, Oregon, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State and California just as significant.

"I know USC took a lot of linebackers the past two years and the timing for me just isn't good," Campbell said. He's right, if he were in the 2006 class, there would likely be high interest from the Trojans. And, If he were two inches taller, he'd likely have numerous offers at this point.

The timing for Jordan entering the recruiting process has been perfect for his family after the passing of Jordan's grandfather, Ray Collier, and Uncle Matt in a nine month period. Colleen (mother) and Titus Campbell (father), Colleen's mother Peggy and uncle Mark Collier were all at the Scout.com All-American Combine on May 7--all but Peggy Collier traveled to Stanford to support Jordan.

"It's been so much fun for us to experience the combines and watch Jordan show he's one of the guys who schools should look at," Colleen Campbell said. "It's such a good time for our family right now. It was an unbelievable experience at the Scout.com Combine and the combine at Stanford"

Campbell was in a car accident a few months ago and his car was totaled. He was unharmed, but the accident was a reminder of how precious life is.

"My brother Mark commented on how close we could have been to losing another one (Jordan), and we should feel grateful for what we're experiencing right now," Colleen Campbell said. "After the deaths of my father and brother in a nine month period, we needed something like what we're experiencing with Jordan"

Jordan Campbell doesn't have any firm plans for the summer other than atending a camp at Fresno State with his teammates, but he'd like to attend USC's Rising Seniors Camp in late June and possibly camps at Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Arizona State.

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