Q & A with Darnell Bing

Future Trojan Darnell Bing speaks with WeAreSC.com as he prepares for the Shrine All Star game this Saturday at Mt. SAC.

WeAreSC- Looking back on your time at Long Beach Poly, what are some of your favorite memories?

Bing- "Just being able to be on the team and winning three championships in three years. Being able to be cool with everybody that was at the school. Getting big publicity up there. Everybody knew me. It feels pretty good."

WeAreSC- Being at Long Beach Poly, you were playing with a lot of other Division one prospects. Was the recruiting process a fun experience for all of you to go through?

Bing- "Sometimes it was fun and sometimes it was hard. Sometimes it was hard to pick a school. I had a hard time with it."

WeAreSC- What's your weight and height right now?

Bing- "Last week I weighed in at 212 and I'm 6'3."

WeAreSC- Talk about the workout program that you've been taking part in at USC.

Bing- "It's pretty intense. They have us lift weights pretty much everyday, for about an hour and a half. I feel like I'm getting pretty stocky and pretty big right now. I think I lost a lot of weight and I'm more muscular now."

WeAreSC- What's it like lifting up at campus?

Bing- "Oh, its pretty good. Everybody is hyped for the season. It's real fun."

WeAreSC- I've heard you might play tailback at USC. Where are they lining you up right now?

Bing- "As of right now, they have me at free safety, but as I learn the defense they will eventually move me to running back."

WeAreSC- Talk about Coach Carroll and what it's like learning from him, being that he's considered somewhat of a defensive back guru.

Bing- "You can tell that he's a defensive guy. He's pretty much on the defensive side at practice. Like, when I go over to the office, he's always in the defensive room going over the film, and I hardly catch him on offense. He's a real cool guy. He's teaching me most of the stuff. He goes over some of the things with me on the offense and where I should line up."

WeAreSC- Do you have any preference of what position you play?

Bing- "No. Anything besides linebacker. DB, safety, running back,…it doesn't matter."

WeAreSC- What do you like about playing safety and what do you consider your strengths there?

Bing- "Being able to read the quarterback and come up and make the big hit."

WeAreSC- What about at tailback?

Bing- "Tailback, just being able to run with the ball in my hands. Trying to make yards and get touchdowns."

WeAreSC- You're only a month away from starting practice at USC, what are your thoughts on that and are you looking forward to it?

Bing- "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be somewhat like high school, but everyone is going to be faster and everyone is going to be hitting hard."

WeAreSC- Do you have any goals for your first year at USC?

Bing- "My first year, it's just to be on the field. That's for my first year."

WeAreSC- What about once your career at USC is over, what are your goals for that point?

Bing- "When I'm done at SC, I hope to be an All-American, then go out in at least the first or second round."

WeAreSC- What are you looking forward to most about coming to USC outside of football?

Bing- "As of right now, I'm still confused about whether I'll be taking up business or communications. If I end up taking business, I'd like to own my own business somewhere. I'm not sure what kind of business though. If I end up taking up communications, I'd like to be a broadcaster or something like that."

WeAreSC- Talk about being given permission to wear #20 at USC.

Bing- "Oh, that feels good, but I feel that I'm going to have a lot of pressure on my shoulders just by bringing out the first retired jersey at USC. So, therefore, when the first game comes, I feel like I have to make a statement and show people that I deserve to wear that number."

WeAreSC- When did you find out that you could get #20 and how did that come about?

Bing- "I can't remember his name, but I think it was Dr. Brown, he told me I was going to get number 25, and Kennedy Pola said if I got number 20, I would have to run the ball at least 20 times. So that was part of the deal, me running the ball to get number twenty."

WeAreSC- What are some of the things that stand out for you about your football career at Long Beach Poly?

Bing- "I think pretty much just making big hits. I was known as a big player at Poly. So, making big hits like in the championship game. I made a couple of big hits in that game, one on Martinez and one on Flanagan. I was actually hurt in that game too. I messed up my thigh chasing down Martinez on a fake punt, but I stayed in."

WeAreSC- Go back to your sophomore year at Poly. You came in as a pretty highly touted running back from the Pop Warner level. Talk about how it happened that you got moved to defense.

Bing- "My freshman year I sat out because I had growing pains in my knees. My sophomore year I actually started out as a running back. Then the coaches said they already had a couple running backs, so they told me to go to defense where I could get some playing time and be on the field. Therefore, I just made my way on defense and stayed there."

WeAreSC- But there's still a little bit of running back in you?

Bing- "There's still a little bit of running back in me, yep."

WeAreSC- Talk about the craziness of the DeLaSalle game. What was it like going through that?

Bing- "It was pretty awkward to be in such a big game as a high school player. I figured that would come later on. Somewhere in college or the Pro's. It was a good experience to get me ready for the college level. I felt like we should have won that game honestly, but we made a couple mistakes, had a couple errors here and there, a couple missed tackles on defense, and a couple dropped passes on offense."

WeAreSC- Go back to the Charger camp last summer. Didn't one of the scouts say ‘if we could draft him right now, we would.'? Talk about that.

Bing- "That was a pretty cool thing, to know that I was watched as a junior. To know that I had enough talent to be drafted in the NFL as a high school player. Too bad you can't do that though [laughing]."

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