Scouting Report: QB Samson Szakacsy

In the latest installment of our Scouting Report breakdowns of USC Trojan recruits, we take a look at Camarillo HS quarterback Samson Szakacsy, a recent verbal commit to the Trojans. Click below to read more:

Samson Szakacsy
6'5, 195 lbs.
Camarillo (Adolfo) HS, Camarillo, CA

TYPE OF PLAYER: Many Trojan fans have questioned why SC would take two quarterback commitments in one class. But what many fail to realize is that has always been the plan since Rocky Hinds packed his bags and headed to UNLV. It just so happened that the coaching staff found two quarterback prospects in their own backyard that they liked. One thing that I love about Samson Szakacsy is how unique his style of play is. He may not have the strongest arm in the world, but if you give him time in the pocket he will tear the defense apart with incredible accuracy and precision.

WHAT WE LIKE: What is not to like about a junior season which saw Szakacsy go 184 for 254 for 2,038 yards and 24 touchdowns. At the same time breaking an 18-year old county record with his 72.4% completion percentage. Szakacsy has been a consistent performer since his sophomore year at Saint Bonaventure, where he went 111 for 169 for 1,150 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Samson is a quarterback who has been on SC's radar for quite some time, and for good reason. While Samson may not possess the speed or athleticism of an Aaron Corp, he is still able to avoid defenders and make accurate throws under pressure. When watching film on Samson, it is obvious that he never gives up on a play until the whistle blows.

One aspect of Szakacsy's game that really stands out to me is his ability to keep his eyes down field at all times. For a quarterback with his athleticism, it is surprising to me that he would not just take off as soon as the play breaks down. Yet he sits in the pocket searching for an outlet, even if he has to take a beating to do so.

WHAT HE NEEDS TO WORK ON: Szakacsy will enroll early for classes at SC following his Fall semester at Camarillo (Adolfo) HS. With that being said, there are many aspects to Szakacsy's game that he will need to work on before making an impact at SC. While Samson is listed at 195 lbs., it is evident that he will need to put on a substantial amount of weight before sustaining hits from 300 lb. defensive linemen.

While Samson is very accurate, he lacks the true arm strength that will challenge a secondary deep play in and play out. While he may not be able to train his arm to throw 80 yards on a step, he certainly will see an increase in arm strength with training on his release and mechanics.

WHAT SAMSON SAYS: "To sum everything up, he said, we'd love for you to come be a Trojan if that's what you'd like to do.' I knew if SC offered, I was going to commit. After that I said, ‘coach, I've always wanted to be a Trojan and it's something I've dreamed about since I was a little kid.' I've always had Trojan in my blood. So, I told Coach Carroll I wanted to be a Trojans he was real excited and sincere, and he told me Coach Sarkisian saw something in me since I was younger and that it was something they couldn't explain." Top Stories