Q & A with Chris McFoy

WeAreSC.com caught up with future Trojan wide receiver Chris McFoy for the following interview:

W "Have you bulked up in the off season?"

C "(laughing and puffing his chest out) Yeah, I've been hitting that SC weight program. I'm just trying to get ready for the season, I don't know if I'm gonna redshirt or not but I've already been practicing with them for like a week and after the Shrine game I'm gonna pick back up with them."

W "How did that week go when you worked with the team?"

C "Oh man, it's fast paced. It's a big change, I'm just trying to get used to it now. I expected that it would be a big change and it is."

W "What's the biggest difference that you notice?"

C "The speed. Definitely the speed. I just have to work hard and hopefully I'll get up to that level."

W "What are your thoughts on some of the receivers ahead of you like Colbert and Kelly?"

C "Animals, they're just animals. They're cool though, they help me out and tell me what I need to do and what I don't need to do. They're like big brothers, especially in the weight room telling me how to lift."

W "What is your height/weight right now?"

C "6'2",185."

W "Talk about the SC training program that you've been on."

C "Oh man. Ahhhh. It's not so much the weight, I can handle the different lifts and everything, it's just that it's so fast paced. There's like no rest. You're doing one thing and then you're always next to do something else and everyone's saying "let's go, let's go". I'm like "I thought I just went" (laughing). I'm getting ready to sit down and grab a towel but I have to go again. It's like endurance and strength mixed, it's like you're getting a cardio workout while you're lifting weights. It's a good program, they know what they're doing."

W "What do you think you need to work on physically?"

C "I need to work more on my cleans and squats because I'm not a really big squat person, I hate squats, but I got to start doing that again. The cleans, I thought I had good form but I guess I don't. They're showing me the right form but I feel like I'm breaking my wrists every time. I'm gonna focus on that and I need to work on my speed too."

W "You come from a school that doesn't get a lot of attention but there are five Chino players and your coach in this game. How has the experience been?"

C "It's fun getting to play with your buddies one last time before we all go our separate ways. It's fun being with Coach Monger, he's a good coach and he's funny because sometimes he'll be saying things and it'll be like "what did he just say?" but he's very intelligent when it comes to football. You can see that because we have a good program, we win. He knows a lot of coaches and he knows how to show off a player, to publicize him and get attention from the colleges."

W "When you look back on your Chino career what stands out for you?"

C "Just the feel of the games. It's different because I used to go to Claremont and the spirit is different here when you're coming on the field and everyone's chanting "Chino, Chino". We pull in like 3,000 per game on average and that's big in our area. It's like the movie "Varsity Blues", it's been fun, I'm gonna miss it. The saying is "Once a Cowboy, always a Cowboy" and it's like the same philosophy of the Trojan Family, being a Trojan for life."

W "Talk about ending your career in the finals at Edison Field against Mission Viejo."

C "Man, I don't know, it was a big change playing during the day (the game kicked off at 2:00pm) and I got fatigued faster than usual, it was hot. I didn't really like how the balls had changed (different balls are used for the CIF championships), I don't mean to make it sound like I'm complaining because we played our hardest but they were just better. We lost our fullback for the game and that hurt a lot, for me it really hurt a lot on those screens when the guy who replaced him didn't always know where to go and I took a couple pretty good shots but that's cool. Playing at Edison Field, hey, that's an experience that I'll treasure for my lifetime. I was pretty hyped up to play there but the only thing I didn't like was the dirt because you had no traction."

W "You're a month away from putting on a USC uniform, talk about that."

C "Yeah, yeah (smiling). Man, it's both scary and exciting at the same time. I'm really looking forward to it but I'm just like worried and nervous, hoping I have what it takes. I'll just work hard and hopefully I'll do it. There's a lot to get used to, a lot."

W "Talk about the coaches. What are your thoughts on Pete Carroll?"

C "He has a lot of energy. He gets you fired up because he's always pumping you up, talking about what we‘re gonna do. When I was on my recruiting trip we were at dinner and I was ready to play football already because we're sitting there and he's just going on and on telling us what's gonna happen. He definitely knows how to get people fired up. With all his experience he knows what he's doing, I don't really doubt him because I know coaching wise we're in good shape with him and the other coaches."

W "Talk about Norm Chow and his offense and how you might fit in."

C "Yesssss!!! That's one of the main reasons I came here because Chino High doesn't really throw the ball a lot you know, I mean I was blocking 80 percent of the time, and when he mailed me the offensive sets I was like crying. I was at a loss for words. There was five receiver sets, four receiver sets, shotgun, oh man it just gave me tingles. I know it's gonna be a fun playbook but, hey, I'm cool to block too. That's one the main reasons they got me because I know how to block. Running the ball 80 percent of the time, I know how to block."

W "What are you looking forward to with being a college student?"

C "Getting a degree in either business or engineering. That's the main thing, a free education, I'm taking advantage of that. I'm not really looking right now at going to the NFL, I'm taking things one step at a time, focus on education first. The NFL is Not For Long and if anything happens you have to have something to fall back on. Education, that's the key."

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