Recap of Trojans in Shrine Game posters give their thoughts on the performances of future Trojans from the Shrine All Star football game held Saturday night at Mt. SAC:

from Creamy Filling:

"Darnell Bing - Started at FS and was on both kick off teams. Had 1 carry for 7 yards and a TD on offense. Had a big hit on the North QB, who I believe was Trent Edwards at the time. Had one play, where the North scored on a post pattern. Darnell was in perfect position to absolutely light the guy up. He let up at the last second allowing the pass to be completed. Looks like he might not have been able to decide whether to go for the pick or the big hit. Strange play all around.

Herschel Dennis - Starting RB, South squad MVP. 5 yard TD run. Had to have close to 100 yards for the game. Tended to dance when blocking broke down, instead of putting his head down and getting what he could.

Chris McFoy - Started at one of the revceiver spots. 2 catches, one for a TD on a nice post pattern, beating UCLA recruit Jarrad Page. Dropped a tough pass on his first chance, tough ball, but he probably should have come down with it.

Oscar Lua - Starting MLB and one of 2 team captains. Big, physical and good speed for a 250lb LB. Looked good on some plays and not so good on others. Took some really bad angles on some running plays. Looked much better working in space. Based on what I saw, I can easily see him redshirting.

Justin Wyatt - Returned punts and kickoffs. Played on both sides of the ball, but didnt start at CB. Had 1 nice punt return for about 30 yards. Really showed his ability to cut and accelerate out of his breaks. Was thrown at 1 time, covering Jarrad Page. Pass was out of bounds on a fade pattern, but Justin had him well covered. Not afraid at all to come up in the running game and make the physical tackle. Lined up in the slot a few times on offense. I really think this kid is going to be special."

from level headed:

1. Dennis (#36): Looked somewhere between good and very good. Very good vision, very good agility, very good acceleration. Good to fair top speed. Fair strength. The attempt to show off is individual talent led him to try those cut-backs across the field and such. McCleskey (Bishop Amat, Cal, #33) showed some good moves and a better team mentality by going forward at all times.

2. Bing (#20): Did not seem to be interested in the game. Looked bigger that some of the South's linebackers. I was not impressed by his tackling form nor his pursuit. He was much more impressive at CaliFlorida.

3. Wyatt (#9): Looked like the best 'SC incoming player out of the 5. Excellent athleticism. Good fundamental skills, but will get much better with proper coaching.

4. McFoy (#82): Dropped the first pass thrown to him, which he definitely should have caught, but made up for it with a nice over the shoulder grab on the sidelines and one on a post for a TD. Very good size, very good to good speed. Did not look at him enough to call his route running or his hands.

5. Lua (#46): Looked very big. Like others have mentioned, likes contact but took some poor pursuit angles. Saw him upclose and, as a Performance Enhancement professional, I would say he needs to drop about 4 to 6 pounds and change his body composition a fair amount. A good block of granite to work with, if you will.

from Mar Vista Trojan:

Hershel Dennis, got player of the game honors and was an absolute stud. Gets to the hole quickly and when there is a defender there, cuts or bounces off him. Watching him after the game proudly wearing his SC cap and posing with it was really special too.

Chris McFoy, tall, quick, always seemed to be open and made some terrific catches.

Oscar Lua, didn't seem to get into too many calls but always seemed to be in the action.

Darnell Bing, what a freak physically. Made some really nice hits on D and scored on a 7 yard TD run (I thought he ran like Ricky Bell). Spoke with him after the game (and before Bruin lurkers chime in with their Booker jokes, he was in uniform still) and he said it was not official that he had not qualified and that he was still waiting on scores.

Justin Wyatt, had THE hit of the night and looked quick on kick returns. This guy played QB too so we will have to find a way to get the ball in his hands. Kind of like a Daylon McCutcheon type.

from scgrad2002:

Dennis (minus the fumble) and McFoy really stood out. McFoy looked much better than I was expecting, and Dennis, well he looked great as well. He hits the hole hard and breaks tackles.

Bing also stood out on D and really got into the game on some plays. Did anyone touch him on the 7 yrd TD run he had?

Wyatt had the hit of the night. He layed out the Offensive player, and there were a lot of people in the crowd standing
in awe.

Lua hits hard, but he seemed to overpursue on some plays. He showed some nice speed for a huge MLB, so I am interested to see what he can do. Top Stories