Reardon talks about commit to Trojans

How quickly things change in the unpredictable world of recruiting. Twenty-four hours ago Michael Reardon from Orange Lutheran entertained the thought of taking some trips this summer before choosing a school, but this morning he decided he was ready to commit to the USC.

"Last night I talked to my parents and thought I could string this thing out another three months and it would still come down to me going to SC," Reardon said. "I woke up this morning and decided it was time."

Aaron Corp, Reardon's teammate and quarterback, committed to USC last month and Reardon informed Corp about his decision at practice today.

"I saw Aaron at practice today," Reardon said. "I was teasing Aaron and telling him I'm a pretty sloppy relay," Reardon said.

Although the thought of playing football in college with Corp was an attraction for Reardon, other factors also weighed into his decision.

"It's nice that it's close, I like the coaches, I want to major in business and they have a good business school," Reardon said. "USC had pretty much everything I'm looking for in a school. My family is excited about my decision and I know they're happy I'll be close to home."

The Trojans were recruiting Reardon as an offensive tackle, but he worked out as a defensive lineman at USC's Lineman Camp on Sunday and his performance left many observers, including the USC coaching staff, wondering if defensive end might be his best position.

"At first they didn't think I was fast enough to play defensive end, but after the camp they think I can play there," Reardon said. "They're pretty much looking at me as an athlete and I don't care either way. They can put me wherever they need me and that's where I'll play."

With his commitment out of the way, Reardon's will focus on the upcoming season and Orange Lutheran will certainly be one of the top teams in southern California.

"Aaron and I are both going to USC and that's cool, but we can't get complacent," Reardon said. "We just need to work harder than everyone else. If we put everything together this should a great season." Top Stories