Scouting Report: RB Marc Tyler

In the latest installment of our Scouting Report series, WeAreSC looks at Oaks Christian running back Marc Tyler, who announced his verbal commitment to the Trojans this week. Tyler is ranked as the top RB on the West Coast.

Marc Tyler
6'0, 215 lbs.
Oaks Christian HS, Westlake Village, CA

TYPE OF PLAYER: For those of you who were worried about the future of "Thunder" at SC, fear no more. Coach Carroll and staff have now received verbal commitments from two 5 star running backs in the class of 2007, both of whom are more than capable of carrying the "thunder" tag at SC. Marc Tyler may be the most complete back in the nation, combining cat-like quickness and surprising strength and balance. Tyler possesses ideal size for a back out of high school, and will fit right in at Troy.

WHAT WE LIKE: What is not to like about Marc Tyler? You really have to love a kid who turned down the Fighting Irish even after his quarterback and high school teammate Jimmy Clausen gave Notre Dame his verbal commitment. Tyler was able to escape the South Bend hype machine, and verbally commit to the University of Southern California.

One aspect of Tyler's game that is often overlooked is his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. He does a great job reeling the ball in regardless of traffic, and is not afraid to take a hit, not to mention give one. Tyler does a very good job of keeping a low center of gravity, using his strong lower body to effectively avoid or run over oncoming defenders. Tyler has incredibly quick feet for a prospect his size, giving him a multidimensional style of play that will keep defenders vulnerable and guessing.

Not only can Tyler run you over, but he possesses great vision and understanding for the defenses he is facing. He is able to slow the game down and pick the spots in which he will attack. Tyler is not afraid of competition, giving the Trojans his verbal commitment with Broderick Green already on board and a slew of 2006 running backs ready to make their names known.

WHAT HE NEEDS TO WORK ON: While Tyler may be a very complete back, he will need to improve on a few things before arriving on campus. While it is not mandatory for Tyler to possess 4.3 speed, improving his straight line speed could go a long ways in determining how much of an impact he will make at SC as a freshman. And while his vision is far ahead of his years, he will need to work on picking up more complex schemes and blitzes that will present a whole new set of challenges at the college level.

REMINDS US OF: I know that everyone is waiting to hear another Lendale White comparison, but worry not. Marc actually reminds me a great deal of Chauncey Washington coming out of high school. But let's hope minus the academic struggles. Both Chauncey and Marc can do it all, and look for Tyler to have a very productive career at SC, hopefully matching the success of his Oaks Christian high school team.

DID YOU KNOW: Marc is the son of former Los Angeles Rams and UCLA running back Wendell Tyler. Marc was a huge pick-up, because it is very important for Coach Carroll and staff to keep the top local talent in Southern California.

MARC SAYS: "I'm not worried about that. I have a lot of confidence in what I can do, and at USC the best play. All I can ask for is an opportunity to compete, and I'll have that. It would be the same at any other school." Top Stories