Evaluating the USC commits

Randy Taylor is the head of Taylor Scouting Service, a respected talent evaluator who scouts California players on a year-round basis. In this report, Taylor breaks down his thoughts on the players who have given verbal commits to the USC Trojans.

MARSHALL JONES – DB/WR 6-0/190 Oaks Christian HS

"Can run, has some cover skills and is athletic, with good quickness, should be a very good special teams guy, he's tough and will hit, he competes, plays WR as well, but looks like a safety to me."

MARC TYLER – RB/LB 6-1/215 Oaks Christian HS

"He's been an offer guy since he was a freshman, he's active, mature, instinctual and physical, not track fast, but has good quickness, good feet, and is athletic, has the ability to help on either side of the ball and might be a special linebacker if he's inclined. A very good football player and might play immediately."

BRODERICK GREEN – RB 6-1/230 Pulasky Academy, Little Rock, Arkansas

"Haven't seen in person, but what jumps out at me watching tape is his balance, he's agile, has good feet, is quick and has a burst. He runs downhill with good speed and size, question top end speed, uses a very good straight arm, has vision and can catch the ball. Sounds like almost everything you'd want in a running back. Could be an impact player right away."

MICHAEL REARDON – DL/OL 6-6/255 Orange Lutheran HS

"Has all the tools, size, feet, room to grow and athleticism, looks like he runs pretty well, he's still developing as a DE, but what I could see him becoming is a big time offensive lineman, his physical development will be key. He has a very good upside!"

AARON CORP – QB 6-4/185 Orange Lutheran HS

"Is improving steadily as a thrower, has a pretty good arm, is still skinny, but will put on good weight as he develops, he runs very well, is an athlete with good escape-ability, the more I watch him the more I like him, he may end up being the top QB in the state, is going to get bigger and has a very good upside."

SAMSON SZAKACSY – QB 6-4/190 Camarillo HS

"Has good size, runs well, good quickness and is athletic, he still has room to grow and has a pretty strong arm, still very raw as a QB, but seems coachable and has the tools to have a good upside."

MARTIN COLEMAN – OL 6-5/285 Edison HS, Huntington Beach, California

"Great frame is a good looking kid, with room to grow, moves around well, uses hands, shows good technique and good feet, would like to see him bend his knees more and play with a better pad level, but is a top OL prospect in the state and has only played football for a short time. This young man could be special and might develop enough in his senior year to have an impact soon."

CHRIS GALIPPO – LB 6-2/230 Servite HS

"May be my favorite player in California, he's a stud, active, uses hands well, he's physical, has good size, a very good motor and he competes, I really like his instincts, runs well enough, a sideline to sideline player. If he takes the "hair on fire" attitude to the next level he's going to be fun to watch for many years."

Nothing new here, USC seems to be getting the players they want again! A couple of these guys may need some development, but when they do develop, they could be top players. The key is there are some impact players in this class so far that can be game changers. Whether it becomes a top 5 or 10 rated class will depend on who else jumps in the boat with these guys, but this is a pretty good start!


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