Enesi follow-up at USC camp

Sean Enesi, offensive center from Carson High School, did very well at the Rising Senior Camp on the USC campus. I watched him consistently defeat his competition in the one-on-one's just as he had two weeks before at the Lineman's Camp.

As far as I could see, he never took a play off and simply would not let his opponent beat him. He was again chosen to represent the OL's on the final battle at both the morning and afternoon competitions. The DL chosen for the confrontation was Everson Griffen who looked absolutely overpowering all camp. In the first confrontation, Everson clearly won. In the afternoon, Sean stuck in front of him like glue and stopped his forward progress momentarily several times. But, Everson would not quit and eventually got to the simulated quarterback with Enesi still in front of him.

Scott Schrader talked with Sean after the first day of camp. Here is what Sean had to say when asked how he felt the camp was going.

"The camp's going perfect, man," Enesi said. "I think I could improve in some places, but I thought I did well and I'm looking forward to another chance to compete tomorrow, and hopefully come out with a schollie. I'm not going to brag, but I was looking for more competition on the d-line one-on-one's."

Who did he look forward to facing tomorrow?

"Everson Griffen," Enesi said. "I was surprised he got me on that last one-on-one, but I'm going to get him back tomorrow."

As for what he learned at the camp, Sean said:

"I learned a lot, actually. Coach Ruel and the o-line staff taught me some new techniques and maybe I can take that to my coach and see if we can make it work."

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to meet the Enesi Family who were watching and cheering for Sean. As the session was winding down I had an extended conversation with Sean's father who grew up in San Pedro and is a now a Pastor in Carson. He is very proud of Sean and has high hopes for his future in College football.

As the camp ended, Sean came over to where we were standing. He is a very polite and friendly person. He said the camp went great and that he had learned a lot. I asked him if the coaches had talked to him about a scholarship and he said "no" but that he hoped to prove himself by his performance during this coming season.

On Monday, I talked with coach Mike Christensen of Carson High School. He was effusive when describing Sean. He praised him as a player and as a leader for the team. Because of personnel on the Carson team, he plays Sean at guard. Coach Christensen believes that Carson have an excellent opportunity for a successful season.

I have a feeling that we haven't heard the last of this fine player. I, for one, will be checking the Carson High School team progress this fall. This report is a follow-up to a previous story about Sean Enesi at the Lineman's Camp. Here's a link to that story: Sean Enesi story from George Young after USC Line Camp

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