"Big Man" talks about USC camp

When a player earns the nickname "Super Freak," he must be something special. And that is exactly what Everson Griffen of Avondale, Arizona is, "special." It is easy to see why Griffen is so high on many coaches' boards, and the SC coaches were given their shot to impress the five-star prospect during their annual Rising Seniors Camp held on Monday and Tuesday.

Griffen had attended numerous camps over the summer, but left the Rising Seniors camp blown away.

"This camp was on a whole different level. They showed me a lot of stuff and they are always moving at SC. I'm not used to that because in high school it's a lot slower pace. It was a real good experience. I got to hang out with the coaches, and those coaches are off the chain and always hyped up and ready to go. If you're tired, they get you real pumped and ready to go during stretching so you're not tired anymore."

This trip to Los Angeles was Griffen's first, and left a good impression on the talented defensive end.

"I really like L.A., it's a nice place to be. A lot of people say it's to busy, but I didn't think so, it's not to busy for me."

While Griffen enjoyed his whole camp experience at SC, he did find one part of the trip stood out above others.

"Man, the Coliseum really brought out a lot of joy in me. We got to run through the tunnel that Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Junior Seau, Troy P., Keyshawn Johnson, and all the greatest players ran through. Just chanting ‘War time' and ‘Let's bring it outside' was crazy. If you can't get used to that, you shouldn't go to SC. Once you go to SC, you feel like you belong forever."

During the Scout Combine at Citrus College, Griffen was faced up against Kris O'Dowd in some pretty memorable one-on-ones. The Rising Senior Camp at SC brought out some new faces and a set of new challenges for the "Super Freak."

"Me and Martin Coleman really went at it. He got me once but I got him the rest of the time. I really don't like losing, so once I do my whole mind set changes. I also got to go up against Kris O'Dowd and James Wilson from Florida. The competition was really great, and that's what it's all about, competition."

Griffen has been in contact with current USC commit Chris Galippo, and was able to meet him for the first time during the Rising Senior Camp.

"Yeah, I got to meet Chris and D.J., and I also got to meet big Marc Tyler. They're all real cool guys, and of course they tried to recruit me and tell me SC was the place to be."

While football season is still a few months away, Griffen has been able to create a rough top five of schools he is interested in.

"Right now it's USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and I'd say Oregon. I'd like to stay in the Pac-10 so my mom can come and watch my games."

Griffen is now done with camps and is ready to focus on his senior season. But he has also given thought to schools he would like to officially visit in the fall.

"I know I want to visit USC and UCLA. And I might visit schools like Oklahoma or Michigan. I'm not quite sure yet."

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