Open Letter to USC fans

Whitney Lewis, a Class of 2003 signee from St. Bonaventure HS, decided earlier this summer to transfer from USC to continue his playing career elsewhere. His mother, Sherri Laws, asked us to post this open letter from her and Whitney.

June 29, 2006

To the Members & Readers,

As most of you probably know, Whitney, myself, and my family have decided that it's in Whitney's best interests to leave USC. Before Whitney does leave, I want to acknowledge with deep thanks your many kindnesses to our family during our last three years with you. It's not every school who has a Trojan Family that is consistently cooperative, generous, and understanding, and we certainly feel that we have been blessed.

Whitney had his fair share of challenges during his time at USC, and he certainly made his share of mistakes. However, I want to make clear that Whitney loves his teammates and friends, and he will miss them greatly. Additionally, he has come a significantly long way in overcoming his learning disorder. In fact, his GPA for the spring semester was just under 3.0. As many of you know, the main reason for choosing USC was the academics, and that has not changed. However, we also want to see Whitney be able to fulfill his potential as an athlete, and that appears to be better served elsewhere.

USC and the Trojan Family will always have a special place in our hearts.

My best wishes to you always.

Yours Sincerely,

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