Monday conditioning workout

The Trojans held a 7:00am conditioning session this morning that was highlighted by the debut of freshman wide receiver Vidal Hazelton, who arrived at USC over the weekend. Click below for a recap including photos from the session:

One of the first things you notice about Vidal is that he and Jamere Holland look a lot alike. It took a couple minutes this morning during warm-ups to figure out who was who and it was only when they broke into position groups and the two players were next to each other that I was really able to confirm which one was which. Vidal is a little taller than Jamere and Vidal was wearing a gold chain around his neck today which made identification easier. Vidal seemed to be doing OK so far in the drills and he didn't have trouble keeping up.

One of the drills today was a bag drill had the players hopping over a series of bags before exploding in a direction after passing over the final bag. The purpose of the drill is to teach balance upon landing and the ability to explode when the foot first hits the ground rather than landing and then exploding. The only guys to hear it from the coaches today were a few freshmen who weren't grasping how the coaches wanted them to fire off once they hit the ground. For the newcomers, they are quickly understanding the level of detail being taught. As the coaches say, if two players come down at the same time and one explodes right away while the other lands and then explodes, who has the advantage? Easy question to answer. To work more on the balance, the players also went through a drill where they stood on one leg and lifted the other while turning the raised leg in different directions and then bending over.

Walker Ashley was going through all the drills today after sitting out recent weeks with a foot injury. Josh Tatum, Jeff Byers and Chauncey Washington went through limited drills. Tatum said he should be ready to go full-time in two weeks. Nick Howell sat out after cutting his foot during a 4th of July barbeque. Nick had to have 24 stitches and will be out for 10 days.

Desmond Reed

Chris Carlisle watches Hazelton and Patterson

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