Recruit to watch: S Freddie Parrish

S Freddie Parrish of Long Beach Poly High School is one of the top players on the West Coast, regardless of position. I had a chance to chat with Freddie today and I have to say that he is one of the most humble and polite athletes that I have ever talked to. As for the conversation, here is how it went:

WEARESC: Freddie, can you give me a list of your top schools, preferably in order?

FP: Well, I don't really have an order. I like USC, UCLA, Mich, ND, Stan, Ore, Wash.

WEARESC: Why do you like SC?

FP: Man, Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll is just a really good coach, my family likes him, I like him. He's just a really cool guy. You get a certain vibe from people you know? With Pete Carroll, you know he's a genuine guy. He's real nice, cordial, and he went through all the stuff with me when I went up there. He's very patient, and I like coach Burns and coach Rocky. Everybody up there, there just cool! And then there's Darnell, he goes there, John Walker, Hersch, all my old friends, they go there.

WEARESC: Can you tell me about your martial arts background (Tae Kwon Do)?

FP: I actually started when I was four and I did it until I was around 15 or 16. My dad wanted me to do it until I got a blackbelt.

WEARESC: So you're a blackbelt?

FP: Yes sir, I got it when I was nine, but then my dad told me to keep doing it until you win the national championship, so I won that when I was nine, and then I won it again when I was thirteen, and I forget when I won the other one.

WEARESC: So do you think Tae Kwon Do helps you with football?

FP: Yeah, when you fight, you gotta think on your feet in such a short period of time, so I think that helps me on the field. People ask me: "what were you thinking?" and I give them an explanation of all the things I thought about, and they say: "there's no way you had the time to think about all those things!"

WEARESC: Ht? Wt? Forty, Shuttle?

FP: Actually I weighed myself this morning! I'm 196 pounds, 6-1 and my forty is 4.48

WEARESC: and your shuttle?

FP: My shuttle time is 4.01. Man, I thought I was gonna get the best time at the Stanford Nike camp, but then somebody swooped in and took it! It hurts (laughing)! I had the best time until around 3:45, but then this guy came out late and got it, so I was like" good job, good job".

WEARESC: What do you think are your strengths? Weaknesses?

FP: For my strengths, I'd have to say my size. I can play safety or corner, so it makes me more versatile, and I'd have to say the way I think. I think really quickly and on my feet, and as for my weakness, right now, maybe I'm not as vocal as I could be. The coaches want me to be a little more assertive, basically yell at everybody! I always know what I have to do, and I know what they have to do, but I have to make sure they're doing it! It's a different role now, so I'm definitely working on that in the passing leagues. That's all I'm doing is yelling at people! I'm coming home with a hoarse voice all the time!

WEARESC: How have you done in the passing leagues?

FP: Oh we don't take stats, so I'm not sure.

WEARESC: Can you give an idea of how many picks you have?

FP: A lot (laughing)! I know last Thurs, I had two, and on Tues, I had four.

WEARESC: Last question: can you tell me what your teammates Junior Lemauu and Kevin Brown are thinking as far as colleges are concerned?

FP: Junior definitely likes SC A LOT! With Kevin, I'm not really sure where he wants to go. He really doesn't talk about schools. We always talk, but never about schools or anything. Top Stories