Q & A with Kyle Williams

WeAreSC.com caught up with incoming offensive lineman Kyle Williams to talk about his summer workouts in preparation for fall camp.

WeAreSC "First of all what is your height/weight right now?"
Kyle "I'm 6-6, 290"

W "What did you weigh when you started summer workouts at SC?"
K "When I got here on June 8th I weighed 280 lbs so I've put on about 10 pounds. I think the key has been just working out more. We work out a lot,every day. Obviously it's good weight because we're also conditioning too every day."

W "Talk about how your training has changed from high school to now."
K "Well, first of all it's a college workout so it's a lot tougher. In high school you may focus on one area of the body, let's say the upper body, and that would be your day. Here we work both, we work both lower and upper along with the conditioning and we're doing that five days a week. There's three workout groups, one at 8am, 10am and 1pm. Most of the offensive linemen are in the morning but we don't all work out together in a set group. That schedule goes for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but then on Tuesday and Friday all we do is conditioning. On those days there are two groups at 7am and 1pm and basically we're doing a lot of agility drills. They divide the drills into five stations marked as four quarters and the overtime. It's a lot of footwork, quickstep, jumping over bags, doing the ladder, stuff like that."

W "What have the coaches said to you about the possibility of playing time?"
K "Actually we have not discussed that yet. Both Coach Uperesa and Coach Davis are on vacation right now and the times I have seen them this summer it hasn't come up. I think it's just going to come down to training camp and we'll see if I'm ready or not."

W "Do you know which side you'll start off at?"
K "They don't know. Either left or right tackle."

W "How do the two OL coaches work with your unit?"
K "As a team we haven't really done anything with them because were not allowed to have set meetings. I go in the office sometimes to watch films and it's usually been with Coach Davis because Coach Ups is off doing something else."

W "Who have been the leaders of the line in the summer workouts from what you've seen?"
K "I think Norm (Katnik), he's stood out a lot. Him and Eric Torres. Those seem to be the two who are stepping up."

W "How has it been this summer living off campus with Matt Cassel and Dallas Sartz?"
K "Oh, we're having a great time. Matt's around but he's not really around that much since he's got a girlfriend. It's pretty much been me and Dallas and we've been doing everything together right now. I'm really glad I came down early to live here and get adjusted. I'd be lost if I came here for the first day in August, I'd just be so far behind the other freshmen who have been here and are going through it right now. We feel sorry for the guys that are coming in late."

W "Who have been some of the other freshmen making the workouts?"
K "Dallas, Fred Matua, Mike Williams, Winston Justice but he's on vacation right now, Chris Doyle, Mike Ross. There's been a lot of guys making it down."

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