Ryan Davidson race recap

Trojan fan Ryan Davidson led Team Trojan to a first place finish at the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Sun Prairie, WI and Ryan was honored as the top fund-raiser at the event. Click below to read more and to watch a special video interview with Ryan:

-- Watch video of Ryan Davidson TV interview

Letter from Ryan Davidson

Dear USC Friends –

Thank you very much for supporting me in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. I was hoping to raise $1,500 and raised $11,321. I was shocked! So was everyone at the event! I ended up being the #1 fundraiser and they gave me a special plaque and a trophy. Team Trojan placed first (of course!) with $17,960. Since I reached my goal I had to shave my head, too. Oh well, it's worth it. Hopefully, with all of this money the doctors can find a cure.

Thanks for all of your nice notes and letters. It really means a lot to me to be a part of the Trojan family.

Fight On!


Note from Davidson family with recap of event

Team Trojan's participation in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life can be summed up in one word – AMAZING! Ryan has had so much fun over the past few weeks checking his web site and going to the mailbox to watch his fundraising total grow and grow. He surprised everyone – especially himself - by blowing past his goal of $1,500 to reach a final total of $11,321! And, yes, he did shave his head.

There was quite a crowd that gathered around in the bleachers to watch him shave his head and they all started chanting "Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!" when he sat down in the chair and the hair trimmers came out. He was a little reluctant at first to give up his six months worth of hair growth after being bald for so long, but he knew it was worth it and he had a lot of fun doing it.

Probably one of the most touching points of the evening came after we were finished shaving Ryan's head. A young girl came forward with her father and gave Ryan a small container with $26.80 from money that she had raised at her lemonade stand. She had heard about what Ryan was doing and she wanted to help. It's another sign that there are a lot of great people in this world!

A Madison TV station also heard about what Ryan had accomplished and came out to the event and did a special story on him. The reporter talked a lot about the USC football team and their fans around the country that supported Ryan in his lofty accomplishment. Great coverage for USC and it seemed that a lot of people were caught up with the hype that night!

At the closing ceremonies Team Trojan was acknowledged as the team that raised the most money for this year's event – a team total of $17,960. And, everyone in the crowd cheered when they announced that Ryan was the number one fundraiser with $11,321! They presented him with a special plaque and trophy which he has proudly displayed at home.

Since Ryan did such an outstanding job with his fundraising efforts, the American Cancer Society has invited him to the Madison Mallards game (our local baseball team) to be recognized and throw out the first pitch on Thursday night. Ryan is excited but wishes that they'd let him throw a football instead because he can throw it harder, farther and more accurate.

Thank you to everyone who supported Ryan during his fundraising efforts and for the past seven years. He's a survivor (of course, he's a Trojan!) Your generosity and support provides him with a lot of hope and encouragement in his ongoing battle against cancer.

Blessings to all of you,

The Davidson's

P.S. If you'd like to contact Ryan, his e-mail address is: ryanuscfan@charter.net

Ryan is interviewed by local TV station

Ryan tries to avoid haircut from Mom

There goes the hair

The Davidson family

Ryan Davidson

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