Friday practice report

The dog days of camp are officially upon the USC Trojans as the players have reached the point where they are exhausted yet camp is still a long way from being over.

You are starting to see the tired looks on the faces of the players as they grind through the tough work and hot conditions that are always part of camp. To go along with that, you have guys that are nicked up and dinged with various injuries, today we had Terrell Thomas, Rey Maualuga, Kevin Thomas and Thomas Herring all sitting out for one reason or another. We did see Lawrence Jackson get some work after he has missed several days with a groin injury so that was good to see.

With all that being said, we did see one of the more spirited and hardest hitting drills of camp during a situation drill on Brian Kennedy Field. Things got started with C.J. Gable taking a handoff to the left side where he got absolutely popped by Cary Harris who came up to make the solid stop. Cary has made several physical plays in recent days as he continues to fight for a starting corner spot. Michael Coleman took a pitch to the right and he was met by a hard tackle from Kyle Moore, it was clear at this point the defense was fired up so John David Booty threw to his All-American receiver Dwayne Jarrett for a 23 yard gain. With that completion under his belt, Booty tried to get deep again with a throw to Patrick Turner but the ball was dropped right before Antwine Perez came over and laid a wicked hit on Turner. Coleman responded by running left and turning the corner for a long gain, it was the best run we've seen from Michael this fall. Mark Sanchez came in and threw a short hitch to Steve Smith who made Jimmy Abbott miss in the open field before gaining ten more yards on the play. After a short Sanchez completion to Vidal Hazelton, Ryan Powdrell went off the right side and lowered his shoulder against the tackle attempt by Abbott. To Jimmy's credit, he hung on to make the play but it couldn't have been fun to be on the receiving end of that collision. A fumble on the final play of the drill resulted in a scrum-style pileup as players from both sides of the ball were fighting for possession. When the fracas cleared, Chilo Rachal remained on the ground and stayed there for several minutes while the trainers examined him. Chilo walked off the field under his own power but he did not return to practice.

There was a lot of work in the team drill on field goal execution as the offense would run a play and then quickly hustle off the field with the FG unit coming on. Both Danelo and Buehler kicked well today with each making a kick over 40 yards. Josh Pinkard had a pick and Taylor Mays had a huge hit on Chris McFoy to force an incompletion. Emmanuel Moody took a handoff up the middle and then put a shake move on to head toward the right sideline where he was driven hard out of bounds by Shareece Wright. Sanchez hit Travon Patterson along the right sideline and then he hit Hazelton with Abbott making the hard stop. The day ended with Sanchez scrambling and then finding Patterson in the corner of the end zone for a touchdown.

Among those in attendance today were Todd Huber (Peninsula OL and brother of former Trojan Scott), Pat Howell (former Trojan OL and father of Nick) and Don Norford (LB Poly track coach, OL coach and one of the truly good guys in the local high school coaching ranks). Top Stories