Saturday morning practice report

It looked like a game of musical jerseys for this morning's practice as none of the starting offensive linemen were wearing their correct numbers. I'm guessing that it was either a show of solidarity, just something fun to do, or maybe my mom was responsible for doing the team's laundry last night.

For the second day in a row, Steve Smith was back returning punts, along with Travon Patterson, Stafon Johnson and Shareece Wright, and Jim Abbott.

The team ran a somewhat intensive punt-block drill this morning with lots of players getting plenty of reps. Over the past week, we've seen Chris McFoy working hard coming through the middle of the line during punt drills and he's blocked two or three already. He continued to look good at that skill during this practice. Alfred Rowe was one of the freshman who stood out during this drill.

The quarterbacks and wide receivers again worked together on a few specific routes. We've seen Steve Smith putting in an extra 30 or 40 catches after every practice and it's really starting to show. He has always been a good route runner, but he just looks so clean out there now. Everything he's doing is sharp. He's getting off the line clean; his cuts are crisp and he's pulling every ball his hands touch. Today was no different.

The team then gathered for a few quick punt return reps and, on the first attempt, Greg Woidneck got off a booming punt that chased Travon Patterson way back. Woidneck has shown that he definitely has the leg to kick at this level, but sometimes it looks like he gets a little nervous when facing a rush. Today, even with just a few kicks, it seemed like he's getting over that tendency to hurry his kicks.

The team finished the morning practice with an 11-on-11 as the first team offense went up against the first team defense, or what there was of it available.

Kyle Moore, Chris Barrett, Sedrick Ellis and Jeff Schweiger started up front. Kaluka Maiava, Rey Maualuga and Dallas Sartz were the linebackers. Terrell Thomas and Shareece Wright started at cornerback and Josh Pinkard and Kevin were the linebackers.

John David Booty started the first drive with a sharp pass to Dwayne Jarrett on a post. Jarrett was matched up one-on-one with Wright and Booty hit him before the safety could get over to help.

Stafon Johnson took the next play up the middle for a few yards before Booty hit Chris McFoy on a short pattern, setting up a third and five.

Booty scanned the field before finding Dwayne Jarrett for ten yards, who worked to get open between the coverage.

A Ryan Powdrell run off tackle moved the ball ten yards and a quick pass to Nick Vanderboom pushed it forward another eight.

On the next play, from the nine-yard line, Booty rolled right and hit Dwayne Jarrett in the front of the endzone for a touchdown, but a false start on Anthony McCoy brought it back. The coaches then brought in Mario Danelo for a 31-yard field goal, which he hooked to the right. Danelo was visibly upset with himself, but the offense moved the ball very effectively on the drive.

Mark Sanchez then took over the second-team offense against the second-team defense and his first pass was incomplete, intended for Travon Patterson.

Sanchez probably wished the same result of his second pass, which bounced of the extended hands of David Ausberry and into the waiting arms of Thomas Williams.

After resetting the ball for the offense, Sanchez took the snap and rolled out to his right. After finding no one open on his initial roll, he planted and threw the ball toward the middle of the field with just enough touch to put it over the leaping Taylor Mays and complete it to David Ausberry on a post pattern. It was one of the best throws of the day.

Emmanuel Moody then broke loose on a long run, cutting to the left after initially taking the ball up the middle. The team was just playing "touch" tackle, so it's really impossible to tell how far he really would have gone, but he had a good head of steam heading diagonally toward the sideline.

From there, the offense stalled a bit as Walker Lee Ashley and Clay Matthews Jr. combined on a sack, Sanchez threw incomplete to Brad Walker down the right sideline, and C.J. Gable was caught in the backfield by new defensive end Gerald Washington.

The practice ended with Alex Parsons batting down a Mark Sanchez pass, roughly the three millionth pass deflection by Parsons through the first week of practices.

All in all, it was a light practice as the team was without pads. Top Stories