Pete's Arboblog - A Perfect Day?

One could barely script a better day than yesterday. I got to go to both the Dodgers most recent "game of the year" AND the night time USC football scrimmage.

I know we celebrate the Perfect Day Club when SC wins, and ND and UCLA both lose. But it's hard to argue against a sweep of the Giants and an SC pre-season scrimamge as NOT being a close second.

Arriving late, after Greg Maddux gave up singles to the #1 and 3 hitters for the Giants, the first pitch I saw was the Old Man With Bad Knees Who IS A Discredit To His Game And Humanity In General line into an inning ending double-play. After which, Maddux retired 22 in a row before being replaced (??!!) with a two hit shut out after 8 innings although he had thrown only a league low 68 pitches in that time frame. Grady is fortunate things turned out as they did. Jason Schmidt was good, but not as good at Greg. His itch count was up and he got in trouble a couple of times. Once, the Bloated Cow had to reach over his head and was surprised to see a ball hand landed in his glove to quell a rally.

Russell Martin parked one in the bottom of the 10th, and I did something I seldom do at any sporting event, mainly due to my line of work. I yelled out loud, screamed and cheered. Just like I used to when I was a kid, when I roared myself hoarse at SC and Dodger games, thus enabling me to end up with quasi-messed up vocal chords, from which came the voice that I was not so much blessed with as worked very hard to get.

The game ended in very short order, and the drive was surprisingly easy to The University. We arrived in the middle of the "second quarter" of the activity at HJ/BK, took up residence on the players side, listened to some really good, yet unusual scrimmage background music, and enjoyed the night. The passing game looked ordinary, the running game pretty good. Again, who do you root for in an intra squad scrimmage.

I think I plan to go up in the booth for the Coliseum event next Sunday.


All Hail, Junior Seau. Ws there ever a more aptly named linebacker? Seldom has anyone made us prouder after leaving SC for the pros. He had to go a year early. I hate when players do that. I don't care about the money, I care about my team, and when they leave, it's good for them, bad for us. He played hard, carried himself well, and will be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in short order. Fight On, Junior. BTW, he played on the very first team I broadcast for in terms of my professional USC career, in 1989. "Sacked by Seau, the Trojans are going to win the Rose Bowl!!"

While on the subject, and even though we knew it was coming for a good long time, congrats on the induction into the CFB Hall for AD. You don't think it galled them in South Bend to have him up there talking about 11 career TD's, or 6 in one game or 55-24. Heh. Heh! Think they'll wear the green jersey's out here this year? HA! And the photo of AD in the paper! He looks a lot better after the surgery, huh? Fight on, you Notre Dame killer, you!

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