Monday afternoon practice report

The Trojans held a practice in shoulder pads and shorts on Monday after the players moved out of their fall camp dorms this morning.

The defense had their way during an early run drill on Brian Kennedy Field except for a couple nice runs by Emmanuel Moody. One of the things about these freshman running backs, they all take turns shining from one practice to the next. Things got started with Stafon going for a short gain before being drug down by Chris Barrett. Chris has been a steady player so far in camp and it would be a surprise at this point if he wasn't the starter against Arkansas. A Moody run was held to no gain thanks to the presence of Rey Maualuga. Stafon followed a Jody Adewale block on Rey to go up the middle for a short gain. Another Moody run was stopped right away, this time by Sed Ellis, and the offense needed a spark. Moody provided that spark by following Drew Radovich at LG before getting to the sideline and turning upfield for the long gainer. Bradford carried to the right side but Clay Matthews was able to reach in and strip the ball, Clay also recovered. Moody got to the outside and put a move on Matthews to lose him before gaining 22 yards. Speaking of 22, Desmond Reed was able to take part in the day while wearing a knee brace and a heavily taped right foot. It was also good to see both Sam Baker and Chilo Rachal taking part in this drill as both were sidelined in recent days. Stafon had two carries to end the drill but on both plays he was stopped at the line by Alex Parsons, on the first play Parsons basically swallowed Stafon as he wrapped him up and tackled him.

The linemen stayed on Brian Kennedy Field for some one on one drills while the skill position players moved to Howard Jones Field for some passing drills. I stayed and watched a few reps of the linemen, Chilo had a really good stop on Fili Moala and Radovich had one rep where he drove Alex Morrow to the ground. After that I headed over to watch the passing drill. Patrick Turner was very active, he caught passes from all three quarterbacks (Booty, Sanchez and Green) with the completion from Sanchez being for a touchdown. Shareece Wright had the best defensive play of the drill when he batted away a Sanchez pass that was intended for David Ausberry. It was also the first time we've seen David Buehler get work at safety. David was also talking with DB coach Rocky Seto a lot when he wasn't in the drill so that he could get some additional instruction.

The whole team came together on Howard Jones Field for some team competition plays. Booty hit Desmond Reed on the first play across the middle for a nice gain. John David then hit Travon Patterson on another crossing route but on the next play we saw a terrific defensive play from Cary Harris to knock away a slant pass intended for Vidal Hazelton. You can't say enough about the play of Harris in recent days, he seems to make a big play every day. A short completion from Booty to Stanley Havili was met by a hard tackle from Kaluka Maiava. Sanchez came in and one of his first passes was batted down at the line by Jeff Schweiger. Mark came right back and hit Dale Thompson along the sideline for seven yards. Sanchez then tried to hit Havili on a similar route to the one that worked a few plays ago but this time Kaluka was there so quick that he jarred the ball loose to force the incompletion. Parsons knocked down a Sanchez pass at the line, Alex is doing well at the DT (3-technique) spot. Sanchez completed an out pattern to Patterson who was quickly knocked out of bounds by Cary Harris.

The first unit offense was matched up with the first unit defense and Moody provided the first big play by going down the left sideline for a long gain. Sanchez rolled out and hit Turner along the sideline. Alex Morrow came in for a sack. On the next play, Schweiger put an impressive spin move on Thomas Herring and ran untouched into the backfield to nail Moody for a two yard loss. Ryan Powdrell had a nice carry along the right side. Garrett Green got some reps but he was quickly picked off by Nick Garratt. Reed got the ball and headed down the left sideline for a long gain and he received a high five from Pete Carroll on the way back to the huddle. It is so nice to see Desmond Reed out there doing his thing. One of the final plays was a pitch to the right with Stafon with Kyle Williams and Chilo Rachal out leading the way. Sanchez came back in and he tried a quick pass but Kevin Ellison was able to tip the ball away. Sanchez then tried a slant to Hazelton but Cary Harris was able to get a hand on it and the ball bounced into the hands of Kaluka Maiava for the pick. Moody had a nice, weaving run up the middle to end the day. Top Stories