Pete's Arboblog - Salute to Troy thoughts

Salute was lovely as always last night. Saw lots of friends and well-wishers. PC even mentioned me and Paul and JJ, and if you don't think that's still cool, you don't know us!

It's time to get serious. Today, I added Desmond Reed, CJ Gable, Emmanuel Moody and Stafon Johnson to the spotter boards, with Reed and T Patterson to the PR spot, and Harris and Gable to KOR, although I always thought Des was better at KOR than PR.

AND…I have begun to put together the Arkansas board. Two weeks and counting!

Salute was lovely as always last night. Saw lots of friends and well-wishers. PC even mentioned me and Paul and JJ, and if you don't think that's still cool, you don't know us! I was saddened that Jon Arnett was not able to show for his '56 team's 50th anniversary celebration. Of course, I never saw him play in person (I was 1 ½ at the time) but have seen the films. He might very well have been SC's first Heisman winner, although I think he would have been up against Paul Hornung, and you know all about that East-Coast media bias, especially when it comes to the domers, so as good as the Jaguar was, I have my doubts.

CR Roberts, and the story of the Texas games that goes with him. is a class act. The captain who spoke was right, with half a team they went 8-2 and beat the Rose Bowl rep from the West Coast handily. Likely could have run the table and been a national championship year.

The 1981 team had a ton of stars, and, of course, Marcus, who did not speak. Roy Foster did a good job in that role, although he did not tell many stories. Two guys, one there, and one not, are notable for being good players, yes, but for making one play in particular and etching their names forever in Trojan lore.

Fred Cornwell. Caught the pass against Oklahoma that September day at the Coliseum in a battle of #1 vs. #2. The Sooners had beaten us all over the field but fumbled a bunch of times in their high-risk wishbone attack. I was sitting in Row one, seat one of the peristyle end, across the aisle from the Oklahoma Band. You think we play Tribute to Troy a lot? Try hearing Boomer Sooner 165 times in one afternoon. Eeeeeeegaaads!

Paul told me a good story about when he was talking to a Dallas Cowboy scout years after being picked up by them, where the scout thought Paul was the guy who tossed the pass to Cornwell. John Mazur was that QB, and Paul told him about it, and Mazur figures he should have been playing for the Boys at least for awhile based on the mix-up.

George Achica had a pretty impressive block of Norm Johnson's field goal effort in the win over UCLA. He played well all the time, but that play is a keeper.

I had to blow out of there as our 2006 team was being introduced, what with getting up at 3:30 for breakfast before the l10 mile race this morning in Surf City.

Yeah, well, thanks for asking----I completed my goals, we both did. First was just finishing the distance. It's hard work, man! I had a bit of leg muscle tightness for the first three miles but it faded, and I got stronger. My last four were faster than my first four, and my last mile was a good minute faster than any other. We broke the 2-hour barrier, which I figured we would, after all that's 12 minutes per mile. We're slow, but not THAT slow. Came in under 1:45:00, which is 10:30 per mile pace, which is pretty good all things considered (age, legs, not having done it for this distance since 1990, that sort of thing) And, yes, I am sore. But gotta get right back out there tomorrow.

Plus, next Saturday are the International Bodysurfing championships in Oceanside, which I will be competing in again after speaking to my friends at the San Diego Trojan Club on Friday at lunch.

Bring on the Long Beach or Las Vegas half marathon, then it's on to L.A.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Coliseum tomorrow night for the scrimmage. It's free, parking is ten bucks. I am going to the broadcast booth to be by myself calling some of the game to no one.

It's important not only to see what is going on, but to actually practice saying football things, crafting phrases, thinking quickly, etc. Even if no one is listening, it's my way of getting ready for the opener.


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