John Papadakis remembers Marv Goux

Former Trojan linebacker John Papdakis shared a special relationship with Marv Goux. Both were named Most Inspirational Player while at USC and John gives his thoughts and rememberances of his "football father"

Marv Goux was the driving spiritual force of the great Trojans teams of the 1960's and 70's. He was my football father.

Goux was a football man for the ages, football was his religion and the University of Southern California was where he worshiped, his cathedral.

The "Fight On" spirit of the last half century was a direct by-product of coach Goux's gladitorial approach to the game. He didn't say "let's win" he demanded annihilation. He wouldn't suggest that we "kick their ass" he commanded his men to tear their blanking heads off.

Goux's defense was the most destructive offense in football. Our "D" meant domination. He wanted USC's best players for his defense, "best" meant "toughest." In turn he'd threaten the offensive unit, "Don't screw it up! Just make some first downs, give my men some rest, hold it for a few precious minutes. If you fumble I'll hack off your hands." The offense obeyed and by the second half first downs turned into touchdowns. Glory! Conquest!

Goux created an intense modern day mythology by convincing every player that every game was the chariot race in the movie Ben Hur. In fact "The march of the charioteers" from that movie is the song played by the USC band before and throughout all games.

First and foremost he was a great communicator. Goux passionately called on the ferocity of the human heart and got to the gut of the guys. And by calling so clearly, so deeply, he blended all colors, all races and all hearts into one of Cardinal and Gold.

Cardinal he said was our blood, what made us real -- but never show it to our enemies. Gold was what every man longed for and fought for, gold made us rich.

He was the most real and valuable man USC will ever have. He is the red brick of the buildings. He is the mortar in the walls of Troy. Hail Marv Goux.

John Papadakis
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