Tuesday practice report

Today was the first Competition Tuesday of the 2006 season and many eyes were on Chauncey Washington as he took part in the full pads practice with good results.

Chauncey took his first snap during a run drill on Brian Kennedy Field and he went up the middle for about two yards before a tackle by Keith Rivers. After that he jogged back to the huddle without a noticeable limp, so far so good. Later, in the offensive drills against the service team defense he took several more carries and, as far as I could see, there was no hitch in his step and he seemed to be running with a fluid motion. He didn't have any long runs where he absolutely kicked it into high gear but that probably wouldn't be a good thing for him right now anyways. He had one carry where he got to the right sideline and turned it upfield for a nce gain, another where he started to the left side and then cut it back up the middle to get into the secondary. Chauncey sat out the team drills at the end of the day but if he doesn't feel too much pain in the hamstring tomorrow, and if he can get a little more work in during the Wednesday practice, then we just might see him get some carries this weekend against Arkansas.

There were a couple other nice plays during the drill on Brian Kennedy Field that were worth mentioning. C.J. Gable was about to take a handoff when Clay Matthews, who was coming on a blitz, absolutely smacked him as the handoff was being made and the ball fell to the ground. Emmanuel Moody had the best run of the day when he went up the middle and kicked it into gear with a little high step before sprinting down the field for a long gain.

In the offensive drills against the service team defense, we saw Travon Patterson make a real nice catch of a deep ball from John David Booty. Fred Davis caught a hard thrown ball over the middle. Patrick Turner also had a nice catch.

In the team drill to end the day, John David Booty got things going by throwing to Steve Smith over the middle but the ball bounced off Steve and directly into the hands of Fred Davis. A couple plays later Rey Maualuga laid on the ground for a few seconds after the play and that attracted about a half dozen coaches and trainers to his side. Rey went to the sidelines and was back in action before too long with no apparent problem. Mark Sanchez threw the best pass of the day when he had terrific protection, he was able to step up in the pocket and throw the ball 75 yards in the air to Steve Smith who caught the ball in the end zone for the touchdown. The throw by Sanchez on the following play was picked by Garrett Green who made a good play to reach over the shoulder of the receiver to get the ball. Keith Rivers had a sack. Desmond Reed got several carries and receptions during the drill. Booty rolled right and threw low to a spot where only Patrick Turner could make the play against good coverage from the defender, the refs ruled it was a catch.

Brian Cushing did not practice (back spasms). Will Harris and Hershel Dennis watched practice from the sidelines. Loudspeakers were used during the day to pipe in simulated crowd noise including several prolonged chants of "Woo-Pig Soieeeee".

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