JC receiver on Trojan wish list

Not much has changed for College of the Canyons (Calif.) receiver Terence Scott (6-0, 175) during his recruitment. Scott still holds four scholarship offers, Kentucky, Troy State, Arizona State and Oregon State. And he still is hearing from a few more SEC schools, namely LSU, South Carolina and Auburn. But as the contact period inches closer, Scott's interest in USC has picked up and vice-versa.

"They haven't offered me a scholarship or anything big, but they've sent me text messages and some stuff," said Scott. "If I had someone who was the ideal school, I wouldn't mind going to USC."

Because JC games are on Saturday's, as are most college football games, getting to some home games could pose a problem for Scott.

"I definitely want to go there on a visit. Since we play our games on Saturday's its hard to go to games there. But my bye week (October 7th), I might take a trip there for their (Washington) game. I could go to some of their early games if we play at night, but I'm such a nervous wreck on gameday that I wouldn't even enjoy it."

Scott said that USC's success with receivers in the past few years is something that has left an impression on him.

"I feel like I can go anywhere as a receiver and I have the potential to," said Scott. "USC has thrown the ball a lot and done real good with their receivers and I wouldn't mind be a part of that."

Scott said that because of the quiet period, he hasn't heard from schools nearly as much as he expected, but knows that there are a couple of reasons for that.

"I've been getting ready for my season and they are all getting ready for their season," said Scott. "That's fine, I'm on a mission and wherever I can accomplish my goals, I'll be satisified."

South Carolina is another school that has caught Scott's eye, and while he said that he has no leader and is wide open, the Trojans and Gamecocks are the ones he talked about the most.

"Really, its going to come down to what program is going to be the best for me," said Scott. "If that means staying in California, my family is going to leave it to me. Or if it means go back to the South (Scott is from Tennessee), then I'll do that. My family always tell me what's up and we'll discuss it, but if I stay out here, then its my decision."

Scott plans to take a few official visits though he has yet to set them up. He said that the trips will go a long way in determining where he signs.

"I'd like to see the schools, where their receivers stand and who's getting playing time, and see a little more about their system," said. "I want to see the school's location and talk with the coaches too."

This weekend, Scott and COC take on Chaffey, something that he has been looking forward to since last season.

"All I've been thinking about really is playing Chaffey and getting back out on the field," said Scott.

Last fall, Scott had over 1,000 yards receiving and scored nine touchdowns.

A 2005 graduate from Knoxville (Tenn.) Central, Scott would have three years to play two in college. He'll graduate in December.

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