Pete's Arboblog - Time to hit the road

From piped in jet engine sounds heard at practice yesterday to the real thing in just a couple of hours at LAX—it's time to hit the road.

I really loved hearing the Arkansas fight song and a smallish crowed sound effect of Woooooooooooo-PIG---Soooooeeeee, too.

The weatherman man is being very kind to us….it's hotter in LA than it will be in Fayetteville, with game time temps supposed to be near 70, and humidity only 65%...a far cry from Auburn's Oven of 2003.

The team worked extensively on kickoff and punt coverage yesterday, WITH FIRST LINER DEFENDERS! I think we'll be okay, there.

A classic moment seen from my perch above the field whilst practicing PBP: After a strenuous drill, Fred Davis and Ryan Powdrell reached the cooler at the same time, and both saw there was only one bottle of iced down gator ade left. Rather than fight about it, they staged an old style western shootout. Hands at their sides, one called draw, and they both reached for it.

Powdrell got a face full of ice water, Davis walked away drinking. Good thing it wasn't the old west, or we'd be looking for another fullback.

Speaking of FB's, good luck to Brandon Hancock on his LA radio show debut as he joins part of the Trojan Radio Network pre-game show as a part time host. One thing I did not talk about when writing about Preparation Tuesday the other day—my friend Ed and I, who hangs with Lawrence and Frank and Gail from San Pedro….well, he only comes to practice on Tuesday (something about working for a living, a likely story!) and each Tuesday I show him, with some protocols, my spotter board for the opponent of the week. It's very much steeped in ritual, which we treat with the seriousness it so richly deserves.

These are four of the guys who make practice fun, the talk every day with friends about a subject we all hold so near and dear to our hearts. Yeah, we talk about other things—Lawrence and I ever talk politics once in while…but the less of that and religion between friends keeps people friends.


I have written my before-season broadcast dedication now, it's all typed up and ready to go, I hope you hear it and heed it..usually I blurt it out just before kickoff.


My beloved Marshall Barristers, defending LA City runner's up last year (lower division), open the season at home tomorrow with South Gate at Marshall at 3 pm, hope you can make it out. Barristers have a returning 2,000 passer who went to Nike camp this summer, a good looking kid named Eric Butler, and a true Division One prospect in WR/DB Moses Gilchrist. He could play anywhere, and we ought to look at him. The reason he's not listed in any of those magazine? He goes to Marshall, and no one believes there could be a real player there. But right now, we've got two at COC starting, and one who got a full ride to San Jose State, another playing quality DII ball in Virginia. Our friend and Trojan Mark Helmer is the PA guy in my stead. Go Blue!!


I will be calling in to Garry to dictate happenings of our trip in short blurbs, as I do not have a lap top that I can travel with. So when I speak to you next, it is through him, and likely from the airport when we are boarding the plane. Happy Sailing!


Good luck to all of our friends in Cabo San Lucas, and all the families down there, who are about to feel the wrath of a cat 4 hurricane tomorrow morning. Top Stories