Pete's Arboblog - Arkansas review

What a great opening trip! We got back to LAX about 4:30; I got to bed just after 6 a.m. and then woke up around noon. Those trips can take it out of you.

The guys watched "Nacho Libre" which I had already seen, and since I was/am fighting a stomach bug since Friday (I have lost about 5 pounds so far, and it continues!) I tried to sleep, but also tried to eat perhaps the world's very worst cheeseburger I have ever attempted to down.

The bun was crusted hard, the food was just atrocious. Decent German Chocolate cake, but I couldn't stomach much of it. Tried to read my National Geographic and Runner's World, but was pretty tied after not getting much sleep the night before, PLUS, I always come down pretty hard physically and emotionally right after a good broadcast.

I thought Paul and JJ and I did a pretty good job, especially considering it was the very first game of the year, and quite often it can be a train wreck. This year the problems all were of the technical variety, or were the result of inexperienced operators at our new network affiliate. Most of what came out over the air, though, appeared to be of good quality, and that's what's important, not the stuff you don't hear about behind the scenes, of which there was plenty.

I was very excited at the top of the broadcast just to be on the air again: it's been awhile. Add to that the great atmosphere of the weekend, and the stadium filling up, the wild crowd noise, the band, the pig, all of it just gets us going. A fly over, too!

Trojans got it going, and took the crowd out of it right away with the first turnover on the first drive, and the first how do you do?" of the season! While the offense took a bit to get used to who was out there as we predicted, the defense, save for one drive, did not allow the Hogs across the 50 in the first half.

A great kick, very important moment, for Danelo after they called three time outs to ice the new holder at the end of the half.

Then it was just a matter of superior depth, talent and speed that wore the Razorbacks down. Another stadium cleared out early on the road.

I see today where Mitch Mustain will start against Utah State next week for Arky. Johnson was not very good. Arkansas will win more than its share of games, and will go to a bowl game this year.

After the game we have to get through the post game show pretty quickly to allow for the tech guys to tear our stuff down, put it in its boxes, and get to the team busses before they are ready to go. They overbooked the busses, and while I went in a saved seats for our broadcast crew, some rummy kid who said he would save them if anyone tried to take them, did nothing when someone took them, so Paul and I had to stand in the aisles all the way back to the airport, a one hour trip……I felt like hell by the time we got there.

The trip back was uneventful, although the team was raucous until takeoff, a very happy group of players and supporters indeed.

Today, spent some time updated the spotter board with stats from last night, and started in to work on Nebraska, including watching the first part of the Louisiana Tech game. Louisiana Tech and Nichols State. Hey Cornhuskers: way to schedule, baby! TRY PLAYING SOMEBODY!!

I guess they will when they leave home for the first time and come to the Coli in two weeks.

Ark led the SEC in rushing with 230 YPG last year, got 130 last night!

Troy Van Blarcom was a great weapon on kickoffs!

The "Baby Backs" all looked great. I still like Moody the best. Chauncey, however, is the new starter.

The Arkansas papers are full of excuses…. we turned it over 5 times (well, how bout SC's defense CAUSING FIVE TURNOVERS. We played poorly (SC played well) Can't anyone just say it out loud? "USC played us twice in two years and they appear to have a better team than ours. We will continue to try and improve to make ourselves competitive with teams like this in the future, but it is obvious we are not there yet."

Have a great Labor Day, enjoy Fla State and Miami.

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