Pete's Arboblog - Wednesday tidbits

Took in most of practice today after running errands in the area

First I went over to Marshall to pick up film of the win over South Gate so I can get the stats off of it, then to the storage place to pay rent to keep all of my SC and other LA sports programs, along with sports memorabilia and books.

I went up to Dodger Stadium to sign paperwork to get paid whatever it is they pay these days for doing Public Address announcing. They have hired me to do the game of Tuesday, September 19 vs. Jim Tracy's Pirates.

I won't be quite the cheerleader the other guy is, but they said just do it you own way, and that's what I will do. When I did it from 89-94 they paid 100$ per game and four season tickets. They gave me tickets to this one, but no mention of money. It's gotta be a little bit more, right?

In the old days, I sat between scribe Ken of the Daily News (who was a very good baseball writer, but seemed to be a bit negative about the team he was covering) and Dave Tuttle of the Dodger PR department. He was and is a good friend and was fun to sit and talk with during the game about minor league guys, and our (the Dodgers) chances that night or in general. I am very glad that Dave is with us in the SC Sports Info office, and has been for a few years now. It's hard to believe but the last time I did PA there was a dozen years ago. I think the final game I did was fan appreciation day in 94 when the Dodger killed the Giants, 12-1 or so, and knocked them out of the playoffs. B-E-A-Utiful! I remember saying during the giveaways after the game that our first prize was "two tickets to the Giants first playoff game!!" The crowd went wild.

I stopped doing that job at the request of the management of KNX radio, where I was working as voice of the Trojans and update guy. They wanted me to concentrate on my duties there. So I did what they asked, and they lost the rights to the games for USC and let me go the following March, by which time the Dodgers had already filled their PA job. Thanks a bundle.

It will be great to see Nancy Bea (Hefley) who was a great friend and a fine organist who does not, sadly, get to play all that much any more, what with the blaring rock music and light show and people being told when to make noise and when to cheer. I always thought a good baseball fan knew when to cheer and when to make noise.


Oscar Lua says his hami is tight, and he's not going to hurry back as this sort of thing can linger forever if you're not careful. Jeff Schweiger looks like he wishes he were playing instead of sitting. Very intense. Cary Harris looked like he got poked it he eye, KT is walking gingerly on that ankle. Bad news of course, about Josh, but all Trojans CARRY ON and he will be back next year, and we will replace him and find backups and move guys around for the good of the team.

The new beat writer for the OC Register was at HH today begin shown around by the old outgoing guy, Todd Harmonson. He's going to the prep section, a major gig there. I got the guys name, but forgot it so I'll have to get it again.

GP told me there's an internet broadcast of some high school games this fall, he's gonna do color for Tom Kelly, so if you are Jonesing for a TK fix, your chance is out there..GP may shed light on this on a posting of his own, I dearly hope. As you know, the one thing I carried on for Tom in my broadcasts is the ‘TK growl" on big plays. It's in his honor.

Great to have Pat Kendall keeping stats for us in Arky. A good guy and fine golfer, did you know he was once pretty far along on the US Open qualifying ladder, just missed I think. He and our regular stats guy Mark Hoppe missed a USC VS UCLA golf event at Santa Ana CC, where I was MC for the post match event, and SC lost for a rare time. They both vow to play next year. Bruins beware!

Hoppe's kid, John is a soph at SC trying to make the golf team. A former top flight player in high school, the coach should take more than a long look at John.

I see that Mick Haley's women's volleyballers are off to another great start. The top ranked men's water polo team opens play this Saturday at noon at LMU. I stopped in to see women's hoops coach Mark Trakh to bemoan the fates again so far, as he has lost guards Camille Lenoir and Brynn Cameron and top recruit Jackie Gemelos. Buzzards luck—can't kill anything and nothing will die for you. With those three, SC had a shot to make a deep NCAA run….now we gotta scramble to make the NCAA's, which we host (rounds 1 & 2)

Women's soccer is doing well, too. It's a good start to the "fall"

On my stop to HH I made a new defensive spotter board sheet and copied it off in the athletic administration offices, stopped to talk to marketing guru Jose Eskanazi about the game and the McKay show last night, which Garry tells me had a piece I missed. A film of Garrett running to the center of the field on his senior salute day, and you can see me reaching out to him. Did not know film of this existed, and am excited to see replay to observe it.

See you at practice tomorrow. Top Stories