Highlights from Marv Goux memorial

It was a very nice memorial service held today in front of Tommy Trojan. There were several hundred people in the crowd, about 20 members of the Trojan band and a lot of good stories about the legendary USC player and coach. Here are some highlights of the day:


Mike Garrett
Linda Kanen
Kara Kenen
Art Bartner
Dave Levy
Ron Yary
Bob McCaffrey
Brad Budde
Pete Carroll
Patti Goux (wife)


Levy - "He had pompoms for eyebrows but he was a fanatic about getting his hair cut. He had it cut every four days.....He was a neat freak, he would go home during training camp at night and cut his grass, not only would he cut it but he would get out scissors to get a single blade......Think about this, the man was an assistant football coach and yet he was inducted in the first class of the USC Hall of Fame. And that was while he was still alive....He loved and cared about his players, he got them jobs and he helped sell their tickets (big applause from crowd). His line to the players was "win and you get more money. The guys on the other team are after your Christmas money"."

Yary - "If you measure success by the men who respected him then Marv Goux had no equal.....He taught us how to win with dignity and how to lose without forfeiting it."

McCaffrey - "The team went and saw the movie "Patton" in a screening before it was released and there's the scene at the beginning where George C. Scott gives an emotional talk to fire up the troops. When it was done all 100 of the guys on our team stood up and shouted "Goux, Goux".....After my son Brent played his last game for USC in 2000, which was a loss to Notre Dame, we were standing on the sidelines soaking it all in when Marv came over. He told Brent to walk up that tunnel one last time, go into the Notre Dame locker room to congratulate them on a well played game and then you pick a new fight tomorrow."

Budde - "Marv Goux was a seeker of truth. He had passion in everything he did and with that came the freedom to believe in himself.....It takes a seeker of truth to be a leader. He cared enough about his players to be honest with them, even if it meant saying things that may offend other people. Being a seeker of truth isn't about feelings and it isn't politically correct. He would tell the freshman "We wined and dined you but now we're gonna kick your ass". That was his way of being honest enough to say "Hey, you have a long way to go and it's going to take hard work."......When I was with Kansas City we played the Rams and things weren't going well for me, there was a lot of turmoil with our club with players coming and going and I wasn't playing to my level of football. Marv was coaching for the Rams and he noticed this. He came up to me after the game and said "Don't let the pretenders steal your thunder in life or in football."

Carroll - "Marv is as close to an immortal soul as we'll see. We can feel his presence here today because he had such a spirit that it is still here....He was the essence of Troy.....We would have a set time to talk each Tuesday but if we got our butts kicked he would call on Monday."

Patty (from the closing of her last letter to Marv) - "If I had a short moment to spend with you, it would be enough. If I had 1,000 years to spend with you, it wouldn't be enough."

Other guests in attendance:

John Jackson (Sr. and Jr.)
Craig Gibson
Mike Lamb
Craig Fertig
Dick Coury
Kennedy Pola
John Robinson
Paul McDonald
Ed Orgeron
Nick Holt
Keith Uperesa
Bernard Riley
Justin Fargas
Sultan McCullough
DeShaun Hill
Kevin Arbet
Omar Nazel
Alan Graf
J.K. McKay
Marcus Allen
David Davis
Chuck Arrobio
Dennis Smith
Vince Evans
Dwight Ford
Pat Howell
Willie Brown
Jim O'Bradovich

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