Pete's Arboblog - Nebraska review

Never one to be thoroughly satisfied with anything, I think our fine football team, the number 3 team in the land as of press time, still has some work to do.

Yes, I know this is a team that just pushed Nebraska, a reasonably good team in their own right, around for 400 yards of total offense. But did it SEEM like it? Man are we spoiled after the last couple of years!! The Defense, on the other hand, is as good as advertised, and maybe better!!

I got to the game about on time, three hours before kickoff, exchanged pleasantries with friends who I hardly ever see unless we are in season. Scoreboard guy Kyle Lucas, who has been a good friend since 1984, when he and I worked side by side with the Clippers (ugh) at the Sports Arena during their particularly lame years. Chris Gutierrez and Paul Kalil (no relation to Ryan, but he can still claim to be some long lost relative if he wants to). We all used to work together at Dodger Stadium. The greatest living public address announcer known to man, Dennis Packer, who, like me, grew up around and respecting John Ramsey who was the best ever in L.A. We still hope everyone does it just like John in every stadium in the country.

Speaking of students, I guess about 4-000 of our University's kids have been forced to give up their seats to, um, former students. The band moves to the Sun Deck into something called Trojan Nation, which is a student section given worse seats than they used to have, but not really caring, after hours of , um, tailgating. Things change, things stay the same. All of this is simply taken care of by: tearing out the Sun Deck completely, putting bench seats back in the torch end of the Coliseum, let the other 4-000 students and others sit there, and call a sell out 100-000 again. Put the band wherever we can hear them the best. Which is just about anywhere.

Watched Michigan kick Notre Dame's butt in South Bend. So much for the Irish playing for a spot in the National championship game, and for Mr. Heisman to visit any time soon. Watched an amazing Oregon comeback at home vs. Oklahoma, maybe the Pac 10 is ok after all! Watched LSU get screwed, at least I think they were, by the reversal of a call, but maybe if the ball is tipped at any spot prior to the guy being interfered with, there's no penalty. The LSU quarterback lobs the ball, and is immobile. Auburn is sickly on offense; Please, please, please let us play them in January.

How about Louisville wiping up the Canes?

Our guys started to roll in, and before you knew it, it was show time. Three and out for NU, and then again, but a cool 4th down fake punt pass…..and then three and out again!!

SC fell asleep on the punt return on which they interfered, no whistle, they just saw flags and stopped, and the NU return guy kept on going. Our kick coverage almost gets hit by a punt, and then this, ugh.

SC scores and I say on the air that Nebraska won't win because they won't score again unless SC helps them or lets them, I was close.

NU "drives" 23 yards in 11 plays. I didn't think that was possible. Booty to Smith makes it an insurmountable 14-3 lead as it turns out. Each team has, in essence, one possession in the second quarter. I'm sure glad they "sped up:" college football (NOT!) The band does a tribute to Chicago. Good memories.

We eat not Coli Hot Dogs, but have our booth catered with steak kabobs and beans and giants cookies from Bristol farms. Awesome. Years ago, the Coliseum used to have prime rib for SC games, then it was sliced roast beef, then hot dogs. At least it's free. At UCLA you have to pay for the half time meal. Dodgers press meals used to be free, too, come to think of it, but now you pay until free hot dogs come up in the 7th…. so I'd better pack a meal Tuesday.

Second half, JD to DJ who is the all time SC TD pass catcher now. I asked him on post game show about his senior season, and he gave the PC answer. Three chances gang, three chances. Nebraska looks pathetic on offense; AND SC looks extremely fast on defense. Bad combo for the cornheads. Trojans give up a crazy silly long pass play on a scramble, setting up Nebraska first and goal, and they score, barely, on a 4th down roll out. Trojans answer like they have been playing with them all along. The spread, depending on whom you went to, was something between 17 and 19. The score is 28-10. Amazing, and SC drives and could score again, but, wisely and sportingly choose not to.

Winner, winner, winner and we all talk on the post gamer about is room for improvement, especially offensively, which bodes well for us, badly for others.

Gotta find a FB, Hancock and Powdrell could play, both differently for sure, but who is going to be the man? Methinks it's someone from another place on he field, like a tight end, or linebacker, or ??????

All in all a great day to be a Trojan, but which one isn't?

Went to the Dodger game Sunday, ugh. Gotta start winning, or it'll be over guys….like, say, gotta win MONDAY! Downloaded the SC-Arizona game notes which are ready on Sunday morning, huzzahs (as usual) to Tim Tessalone and his SID staff. I go to Arizona, Wazzu and Washington sites, our next three opponents and they barely have info up about their games from last night!!

One last check of the scoreboard to see if our defending National Champ water polo team has won the Nor Cal's again, they are playing top ranked Cal at Stanford in the final after beating UCLA to take the early lead in the Guantlet race. It's 9 pm,. And the word comes down, Cal no longer unbeaten, no longer #1, SC wins convincingly, 10-7, to take the trophy and win number 25 in a row.

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