Tuesday practice report

The Trojans held a full pads practice on Tuesday with Stanley Havili and Luthur Brown both seeing reps at the fullback spot:

There had been published reports about the fact that Havili would get first crack at the starting job that is now open due to the season-ending injury to Ryan Powdrell but Brown was a much less speculated choice to make a position switch. Luthur has so much raw talent and energy but right now he is caught behind a logjam at linebacker so the thinking is that a move to fullback could be a good way for him to see the field now. There is also the potential, with his playing style, that he could turn out to be a natural fit for the position. Today he was focused a lot on the proper positioning for carrying the ball "high and tight" but when it came to a blocking drill he showed excellent form on one rep and received kudos from Todd McNair.

The run drill on Brian Kennedy Field got started with a flashy move by Emmanuel Moody who made Dallas Sartz miss as he spun to the left side for a nice gain but Kyle Williams laid on the ground after the play and sat out the remainder of practice with a sprained left knee. Kyle said afterwards that he felt fine and would be able to practice but it's something the trainers will keep an eye on. Ryan Kalil stayed with Williams while he was on the ground and only rejoined the practice after his roommate walked off the field. For the rest of practice we saw Tiny Malu and Travis Draper see reps at right tackle.

When the drill got restarted, C.J. Gable broke a nice run and then Sartz and Oscar Lua combined to force a Moody fumble. Stafon Johnson had a big run up the middle. Allen Bradford picked up a short gain with Luthur Brown leading the way as his fullback.

The best play by the offense against the service defense was a deep ball down the middle from Mark Sanchez to Anthony McCoy, there was real good coverage by Taylor Mays but the ball was just out of the reach of Mays and McCoy was able to pull the ball in with his long arms as he went diving to the ground.

Antwine Perez had a pick against the service team offense.

Thomas Williams had an interception in a skeleton passing drill.

In the team drill at the end of practice, Mark Sanchez threw a pass in the flat to Chris McFoy that was dropped as Brian Cushing came up to make a big pop. John David Booty completed a nice mid range pass along the sidelines to Dwayne Jarrett. Booty later hit Steve Smith down the middle, once again Mays was right there but the receiver was able to make the play as Smith held on for the long reception. John David also completed a pass in the flat to Chauncey Washington where Chauncey was able to make a guy miss to pick up extra yardage.

Among those who did not practice were Gerald Washington, Rey Maualuga, Travis Tofi, Kevin Ellison and Kevin Thomas.

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