Griffen watches USC vs Arizona game

The nation's top defensive end, Avondale (Ariz.) Agua Fria's Everson Griffen (6-4, 265), was in Tucson on Saturday to see Arizona host USC.

For Griffen, it was an opportunity to see two of his top seven schools go head-to-head and a chance to see USC in action for the first time.

"It was a fun game, both defenses really got after it," said Griffen. "It was defensive football the whole way."

Griffen said he focused on the defensive ends of both squads, something that he typically does.

"Whenever I watch a game, I watch the defensive ends," said Griffen. "I always like to watch them and see them get after the quarterback. They're intense."

Griffen only stayed for a portion of the game, but visually acknowledged both coaching staffs.

"I didn't talk to any coaches or any players, because I left before the fourth quarter," said Griffen. "I hear from both coaches all the time so it wasn't a big thing."

It was the first time Griffen has been able to see USC in person, and he's already relishing the opportunity to see them when he takes his official visit.

"I'm going there when they play Notre Dame (on Thanksgiving weekend)," said Griffen. "I've got three of my trips set up but I don't know yet where my other two will go."

Griffen will be visiting Notre Dame on October 7th when they host Stanford then will visit Oregon on November 4th when Washington comes to town. Griffen said Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and Oklahoma were in contention for his final two visits.

The five-star prospect is off to a strong start in 2006, helping Agua Fria to a 5-0 record.

He has 48 tackles, 10.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and a blocked kick while rushing for over 300 yards and scoring 10 touchdowns.

Agua Fria hosts Apache on Friday night. Top Stories