Pete's Arboblog - Arizona review

We had a pretty good time in the desert, but we have got to stop losing starters every game.

As I mentioned earlier, the broadcast team did not travel on the team plane this time around, so we got in a bit earlier than they did, and settled in to our team hotel. I went for a short walk and did some geocaching, then hit the hot tub to rest my tired legs before the team arrived.

We headed out to dinner at about 6 with the administration party from the athletic department, and I enjoyed the company of many big timers, sitting at a table with Paul, and a good group of guys including John Cantwell from the early 70's football team. We enjoyed, as you should at a steakhouse, a large piece of cow. As John said, when you come the desert, don't order the salmon! My piece was as thick as your fist, and plate sized, cooked just right. They passed around cooked spinach, but there weren't any takers!

Gas down her is $2.30 a gallon. Must be election time. Stayed up late putting the finishing touches on some prep work for the game, got up late, and had breakfast at the IHOP next door. Marketing Director Jose Eskenazi was there, but I didn't sit with him or anyone else. I am pretty anxious on game day, and always a little cranky in the morning, so even though it makes me look anti-social, I really don't want to talk to anyone much at all. Just eat, read the three papers I bought, and get to the game. So, no offense big boy. Plus he got to sit with the beautiful and intelligent Kathleen Wallace and Jenn Noriega from the Athletic Dept, and that's a pretty good trade off, eh? I did more prep and watched some ball before heading over the stadium about 12:45. After setting my stuff up, I walked around campus doing some more geocaching, running into a large Trojan contingent, and saw the Arizona Memorial on campus and some other sites including the Lambda Lambda house from Revenge of the Nerds, as fact that escaped me when it came time to tell about it on the air.

Wherever I go, the question is usually "whaddya think today?" This time I told anyone who listened that Arizona could not win because they would not be able to score without our help. Pretty accurate as it turned out. Every so often a decent pas play, but otherwise an offense that could not get anything going, they picked up only 18% of their possible total yardage on the night, SC's defense is tremendous. The offense looks ok, but still has work to do. Booty appears to be less smooth than his predecessors, and in a bit of a hurry when firing off passes. He needs to relax a little bit, take his time a bit more, at least to my untrained eye. The offense moves, picks up third downs, but doesn't score a lot ….yet. They control the clock…but the other teams so far this season are, perhaps wisely, keeping everything short and in front of them, making the young offensive backfield drive long every time. It's working to a point, but the Trojans are winning, and learning as the go along.

Bruins lost, and it looked for a moment that we might have a perfect day going before Michigan State choked at home.

Havili breaks his leg, Jarrett sprains a shoulder, when can we come out a game or two or three without any serious injuries, huh? The talk at the team bus after the game is who might be interested in trying fullback. Brittingham is the heir apparent, with Adewale behind him. But somewhere on this team is a man who can slide in from another spot and become a star at the spot. My wish and vote is for a guy who is fearless, and strong and agile and quick who likes to hit. My vote is for Thomas Williams. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Brittingham might to out to be the feel good story of the year. Let's hope so, otherwise it will be very difficult to win a conference and national championship without someone else stepping up, and in a hurry.

I graded out my broadcast at about a "B", our broadcast as a team at a "B+" I was unfocused at times, for no particular reason. Generally a good call of the game.


We all flew back in to Las Vegas for an hour or so, got on our plane to LAX, and found out the pilots were nowhere to be found. Sat on the tarmac in a hot plane for an hour. Ugh! This week it's back on the team plane to Wazzu!

I am watching the Cougs games against Auburn and Idaho today, doing some prep work, getting ready to speak to the San Gabe Trojan Club tonight (Monday) at Brookside (Rose Bowl) at 6 pm.

Ran 9 miles last night in preparation for the Long Beach half marathon in three weeks. Legs hurt today, I'm dragging. Wonder why??!!

See ya tonight or at practice tomorrow. Top Stories