Tim Floyd speaks to Trojan Club

USC basketball coach Tim Floyd was the guest speaker tonight at the San Gabriel Valley Trojan Club dinner along with Master of Ceremonies Pete Arbogast and former Trojan football players Kevin Arbet and Lee Webb.

Pete Arbogast was the first one to take the stage and he talked about a variety of topics relating to USC athletics:

• Carroll told Arbogast that the offense was still learning and that they should be at top speed by the Stanford game
• Jarrett injury will give Smith, Patterson, Hazelton and even Fred Davis opportunity to shine
• Arbo thinks USC fans are spoiled. "We're looking for zits on Miss America."
• Arbo talked about an interesting stat that he's come up with: the "total yardage stat" (where you figure out how many yards after a punt/kick-off return that a team needs to get to get a touchdown): At Arizona game, SC got 60% of the 590 yards; Arizona only got 18% of the total yardage. Basically, if Desmond returns a kick to the 30 yard line, we have 70 yards to go. Arbo was talking about what percent of the 70 yards USC was able to get, stretch that out to total yards of game USC needed to get to score on each possession.
• "We still haven't seen an extraordinary passing game, but opposing teams are getting worn out in the second half"
• Arbo: It was a good thing ND beat Michigan State – stay high in the rankings, helps USC if we need it for BCS points later (strength of schedule)
• "We won't lose this year but there will be many more close games. Grow your nails so you have something to bite on"
• Arbo: Something new this year Carroll has introduced is having the seniors keep the freshmen in line so that they don't get the program in trouble (i.e. recruiting/NCAA violations); could be very effective because freshmen do not want to get on seniors' bad side
• Arbo: re fullback, wants to see Thomas Williams at position
• Arbo: Feels Oregon should forfeit the Oklahoma game

At that point Arbet and Webb were brought to the stage for updates on their careers:

• Arbet talked about his love for playing corner; played in Arena Football League (San Jose); is looking for a job, wants to get into commercial real estate; he mentioned that Carroll was a player's coach, but he also liked Hackett
• Webb is trying to get into NFL Europe. Will try for the Avengers. Is looking for a job. Mentioned that the Las Vegas Bowl loss was a turning point for the team; players came back in off season working harder than ever, beginning of USC program turn around. Has a degree in politics so after football will look to get into that area.

The final speaker of the evening was Floyd. He is a very energetic and charasmatic speaker with a self-depracating sense of humor that worked well with the crowd this evening. Floyd came across very likeable, humorous, but honest.

• During his introduction of Floyd, Arbo mentioned that some of the accomplishments he'd like to see before he dies include the Los Angeles Kings hoisting the Stanley Cup and the USC Basketball Team winning a National Championship. "But no pressure" he said.
• Floyd took the stage and said, "They think I get scared but I don't scare. Expectations don't bother me…I'm the guy who replaced Phil Jackson with the Bulls." The whole room laughed.
• Floyd was made an offer for the USC job but waited 5 weeks to accept. During that time period he bombarded Mike Garrett with questions. He respects Garrett as an honest up front guy.
• Floyd will do his best to beat UCLA.
• He believes USC will win the National Title during Arbo's lifetime.
• Floyd has been very selective in his signings – only signs people who can play for anyone in the conference. Will not settle and will not use scholarships if he thinks he is settling.
• He said he is thinking long term and that is why he is being very frugal with scholarships.
• Expects our weaknesses to be at point guard (with Ryan Francis loss) and center this coming season; Gabe Pruitt should return mid-season; will play Kansas
• Proud of way USC dealt with loss of Ryan Francis; Garrett flew whole team to Louisiana; the Ryan Francis fund
• "We're thinking long term."
• "We will not sell this university short."
• Carroll is the measuring stick at USC. Joked that he'd try to at least beat Carroll by working harder. So he rolls into school early at 7am, only to find Carroll's car in the lot. Next day at 6:45 am, Carroll's car still in the lot. Goes on until 5am, rolls in, still sees Carroll's car in the lot. Throws his hands up as he finds out Carroll has been sleeping on campus.
• Football success has definitely helped with recruiting because everyone knows USC.

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