Tuesday practice report

The Trojans went through a full pads practice today on competition Tuesday with most eyes on the offense as we look to find replacements this week for Dwayne Jarrett at receiver and Stanley Havili at fullback.

The receivers who got a lot of extended work included Patrick Turner, Chris McFoy, Vidal Hazelton and Anthony McCoy. Travon Patterson did not practice but is expected back tomorrow. Jarrett was in attendance at practice but was not dressed. At the fullback spot, we saw Mike Brittingham get the majority of reps with Jody Adewale also seeing some action, Chauncey Washington lined up in the backfield on one play with Emmanuel Moody and threw a pretty good block. The coaches will likely experiment with several different looks this week (including multiple tight ends and two tailbacks in the backfield at the same time) before making any final decisions on a game plan for Washington State. Ryan Powdrell, the injured fullback who will miss the remainder of the season, attended practice with his right foot in a cast and he received a steady stream of well wishers throughout the day.

The traditional run drill on Brian Kennedy Field was very spirited with Ken Norton making sure his linebackers were focused for the drill. On the first play, C.J. Gable took a handoff and was stripped by Chris Barrett with Oscar Lua recovering. Desmond Reed had a short run to the left before Keith Rivers quickly appeared to knock him to the ground. Stafon Johnson had a nice run against the first defense when he went off right tackle and got into the secondary. Allen Bradford tried to get to the corner on the left side but Rey Maualuga was having none of it, Rey quickly got to the sideline and drove the freshman out of bounds. Emmanuel Moody took a handoff up the middle and Rey did everything he could to try and strip the ball but Moody hung on.

In the first team defense drills against the service offense, Keith Rivers had a pick to get things started. Taylor Mays had the highlight hit of the day after Mike McDonald dropped a pass in to the receiver and Taylor just came over and drilled him after the catch was made. Even Pete Carroll came over to make sure the receiver was OK (#41 of the blackshirts, not sure who it was). Averell Spicer was getting a lot of reps while alternating with Chris Barrett.

The first team offense had some success throwing the ball against the service defense but first they had a couple nice runs from Moody and Chauncey. John David Booty hit Turner with a mid-range pass along the sidelines and then a couple plays later connected with Patrick on a deep ball. Booty also hooked up with McCoy down the middle for a 20 yard gain.

In the LB vs RB pass blocking drill, there were a couple highlight plays. Clay Matthews blew right through a block attempt by Brittingham and later Dallas Sartz basically tossed Desmond Reed aside like a rag doll on his way to the quarterback.

The passing game continued to look good in the opening of the skeleton passing drill with Booty hitting McCoy again and then John David hit Vidal Hazelton on a deep out pattern. Mark Sanchez came in and continued the fine play with completions to McCoy and Hazelton. After that, the passing game hit a lull for several plays with some dropped passes and missed throws. The first strange play came when Booty hit McFoy in the flat and Chris went quickly to the ground despite the fact that there wasn't a defender in sight, nice tackle by the blade of grass.

The team drill began and the first pass was an attempt to Steve Smith on a slant but he was drilled by Maualuga as the ball arrived and the pass fell incomplete. Booty threw his prettiest pass of the day deep down the right sideline on a streak to Vidal but he couldn't bring it in, you can't make the throw any better than that. A couple plays later Booty tried a pass but it hit one of his linemen in the back of the head. At that point, Pete Arbogast broke out a lucky penny to help change the luck of the passing game. On the next play, Booty hit Stafon Johnson for a completion in the right flat. Chauncey followed that with a run off right tackle where it looked like he was able to reach fourth gear once he was in the secondary but he's still not reaching fifth gear just yet. Booty hit McFoy with a real nice deep ball down the middle in the space between the safety and the corner. Sanchez rolled right and hit McFoy along the sideline against coverage from Mozique McCurtis. Sanchez ended the day by hitting Stafon who was able to turn upfield for a long gain.

Kevin Thomas sat out practice as did Travis Tofi. Alex Morrow had ice on his left elbow at the end of day.

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