Question of the Week

"With Dwayne Jarrett unable to play this weekend, how will the Trojan offense account for his absence?"

Greg Katz

"The Trojan offense should have enough power to manufacture a victory and why take a chance on further injury to Jarrett, especially with so many critical games remaining on the schedule. You have to look at the big picture. The Trojan offense will adjust and it will give sophomore Patrick Turner a chance to showcase his skills. Being the "main man" along with Steve Smith should allow Patrick to gain confidence with both himself and with John David Booty. The game Saturday should also allow Trojan fans to get a good look at freshmen Vidal Hazelton and perhaps Travon Patterson in a way that is not just a token appearance. Both frosh receivers will be special players down the line. Of course, I would be remiss not to mention the unsung receiver hero this season in senior Chris McFoy, who has been a model player in catching, blocking and running after the catch. He would be easily starting for a number of Pac-10 teams this season. We just love to watch Chris during his down the field blocking. He is a teaching clinic. We won't be surprised to see No. 82 finally garner a touchdown grab."

Garry Paskwietz

"The timing of Jarrett sitting out this game could impact the Trojans in their goal of opening up the offense this week. You can be sure the coaches and players are ready to see a little more explosiveness from the offense and Jarrett would certainly be a big part of any game plan to attack the Cougars in Pullman. Without the All-American receiver, the Trojans will likely try to utilize Steve Smith a little more and Smith has a very good connection with John David Booty going back to fall camp. I can see Steve having a huge game. We will also see more of Chris McFoy, Patrick Turner and Vidal Hazelton and that's where things can get interesting. McFoy is ready for his first touchdown while Turner and Vidal are anxious to show that they are ready to be the next big play receivers in line for the Trojans. With these three guys hungry to make a play, and the possibility of Travon Patterson sneaking in for some snaps as well, we could see an unexpected source of catches and yards. Of course, don't forget about the ability of Fred Davis to break out at any time with 6 or 7 catches in a game, he's got that kind of talent. My guess is the Trojans would also like to pound the ball with a healthier Chauncey Washington, who had his best practice week of the year according to Coach Carroll, but you always have to wonder how much his efforts will be hampered by the situation at fullback. Could we see some formations which include both Chauncey and Emmanuel Moody in the backfield at the same time? It's certainly possible. No matter what happens, the offense will be looking for a big day on Saturday and without the presence of Jarrett it will be interesting to see who will step up to make the plays we need."

Erik McKinney

"In Jarrett's absence, the Trojan wide receivers must, and will, step up. I think it's absolutely ridiculous when people say that a team "could be even better" without their best offensive player (as I heard someone say about the Seahawks without Shaun Alexander today). And make no mistake, the Trojans will be without their best offensive player on Saturday.

Jarrett's biggest impact early on in games has been that quick toss from John David Booty, which Jarrett is constantly able to turn into positive yardage. On Saturday, that play will still be called, and it will probably be up to Patrick Turner or Chris McFoy to make sure it has the same success.

The most exciting thing about Jarrett missing this game from the perspective of a Trojan fan has to be the chance to get to know relatively unknown commodities Vidal Hazelton and Travon Patterson. This isn't to say that the two freshmen are going to pull down ten catches each, but it's probably a safe bet that (depending on the score and flow of the game) these two will see some playing time."

Johnny Curren

"Even with Jarrett out, it's still unlikely that USC will stray to far from their normal gameplan, but they will need to find a way to compensate for his loss by finding the right receivers to fill the void. The obvious guy who people are probably looking at to step in and assume the role as the big receiver in the Trojan offense is Patrick Turner. The 6'5, 230 pound sophomore has had some strong outings this season and does look ready for the increased work-load. But the guy who could be the biggest benificiary from Jarrett's absence is tight end Fred Davis. Playing as well as he ever has in his career at USC this season, he's showcased his soft hands and has been particularly adept at creating space between himself and opposing defensive backs. As his 5 receptions versus Arizona showed, he's already becoming a bigger part of the offense with each week that passes, and with his ability in the red zone as a receiver with a big body, look for him to have an impressive night in the stat column. Of course, no receiver is likely to have a bigger outing than Steve Smith. He might not have the big body, but as the steadiest and most dependable receiver, he'll take over the role as John David Booty's go-to guy." Top Stories