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Information on the Trojan game day experience at the Coliseum


Oct. 7 – Kickoff – 12:30 p.m. PDT
Televised – FSN
Location: Los Angeles
Stadium: Memorial Coliseum (grass)
Capacity: 92, 516
Seating Chart: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Ticket: $40
Trojans - www.usctrojans.com
Washington – www.gohuskies.com


From the North

1.Take the 110 Freeway south

2. Exit Exposition Blvd., turn left on Flower St.

3. Follow the directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the South

1.Take the 110 Freeway north

2.Exit Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

3. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and follow directional signs to Coliseum parking lots.

From the East

1.Take the 10 Freeway west

2.Exit Los Angeles St.

3. Turn left on Broadway St. or Hill St.

4. Follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the West

1.Take the 10 Freeway east

2. Exit Hoover St. and turn right

3. Turn left on Jefferson St.

4. Turn right on Figueroa St.

5. Continue past campus and follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

Tommy Trojan Game Day Tips

The Trojan Campus - The Cardinal and Gold are finally back from their triumphant two-game road trip and the campus figures to be buzzing, especially since the No.2/3-ranked team in the country, the Men of Troy, downed Arizona and last weekend's toughie at Washington State. With the boys now 4-0, all championships are still in play, BCS and Rose Bowl. Hey, you've finally got your 12:30 p.m. game, so take advantage of it, and thank you, FSN.

The Trojan Bookstore – Well, you'd better hurry and get that No. 10 jersey in honor of quarterback John David Booty. Of course, if All-American receiver Dwayne Jarrett comes off the injury list, that No. 8 jersey could be a highlight against the Huskies on Saturday and maybe a Steve Smith No. 2 jersey is one the way, especially after Steve's performance against the Cougars. If you're a newcomer to a Trojan game, better get that cardinal GameDay shirt or you'll feel like a pair of tennis shoes in a room full of prom shoes.

Tailgate – You know the drill, but do you know what to do after the feast? If you're new to the area or sick of that crowd that enters the Coliseum from the University or Exposition Blvd. side, you might want to enter the Grand Old Lady from the Martin Luther King Blvd. side of the stadium. We guarantee this will get you in faster rather than that mob scene on the other side of the Coliseum. Pick the wrong side to enter the Coliseum and you will feel like in the legendary LA freeway rush hour.

The Trojan Walk – After tough road trips to Arizona and Washington State, think the Trojan coaches and players won't notice your love? After the Nebraska game, Pete Carroll said, "I thought the experience at the Coliseum was extraordinary. I thought it was an awesome display of our fans and excitement about the season. I thought it was unique and special and I was grateful our young kids got a chance with their first time in the Coliseum to see that and feel that from the Trojan Walk to the end...leaving the field. That was special. We have come a long way. We have come to a point where that's as good as it gets on a college football Saturday." The Trojans arrive about two hour before kickoff at the peristyle end of the Coliseum. It's a happening!

Game Day Sports Bar/Restaurant

El Cholo Cantina (Los Angeles)
1121S. Western

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