Tuesday practice report

It was competition Tuesday at the USC practice today but it was also a day to assess who was practicing and who wasn't as the Trojans prepare to return home on Saturday against the Washington Huskies.

One of the first people to enter the practice field was Stanley Havili, on crutches. Shortly after that Chris McFoy came through the door wearing a sling around his injured shoulder. Sed Ellis came out in full pads, that was a good sign. Allen Bradford originally wore a white #21 jersey (signifying defense) but shortly after that he was changed into a cardinal jersey as he makes his return to tailback. Jeff Byers, Chilo Rachal and Kevin Ellison all came in without pads on. Hershel Dennis showed up during the day while wearing a brace on his injured left knee.

Tiny Malu took the snaps with the first team at right guard. We also saw Charles Brown get in some work at right tackle behind Kyle Williams.

Garrett Green had a good practice and his reps seem to be growing in recent weeks. He had two nice pops during the run drill today on Brian Kennedy Field and later barely missed a pick during the team drill. Garrett is looking more and more comfortable on defense, especially with the physical part of the game. When he first switched over in fall camp he looked like an athletic quarterback trying to play safety but now he is starting to look like a true safety out there.

In the service team sessions, we continue to see Mike McDonald and David Ausberry being a combination that has seen success against the first team defense. It doesn't happen often but if the service team makes a big play against the defense, chances are Ausberry was involved. On the other side of the field, Vidal Hazelton was making some big catches against the service team defense. Vidal had one real nice catch where he went up and caught the ball with two hands in traffic to make the play. Dwayne Jarrett did not practice.

In the team drill, we saw Averell Spicer work with the first defense at NG with Chris Barrett moving back to DT. Ellis had gone through early drills with limited contact. Spicer could be a real nice addition to the d-line after missing so much time with injury. Booty got things started by hitting Anthony McCoy over the middle. Booty then fired a quick strike to Vidal on a slant despite good coverage from Taylor Mays. Vidal seems to be one of those receivers who plays with no fear. Mark Sanchez then came in and quickly went deep to Travon Patterson. A few plays later Mark tried a screen to Stafon Johnson but the ball got knocked in the air and Oscar Lua was there to come down with the pick. Booty came back in and hit Dale Thompson, a few plays later Thomas Williams had a sack. On the final play of the day Booty tried to hit a long pass to Patrick Turner in the end zone but the ball was just out of reach and the pass fell incomplete.

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