Pete's Arboblog - Random Thoughts

Add me to the growing list of those becoming concerned about our growing list of injured front line players, and among those giving thanks we are where we are, record-wise, and are playing who we have been and will be playing.

DJ looks like he might give it a go Saturday, but my thinking is they hold him out unless and until it becomes a serious enough game to warrant his playing.

Sedrick Ellis looks like he's coming down the home stretch, and will play.

McFoy is out, obviously, so it's time to see what young Mr. Hazelton is all about. From what we saw in summer camp when he was getting a lot of playing time, this could be a real unveiling of a young super talent.

I loved seeing Chauncey at fullback on various plays, and I think we might be seeing a lot more of that in the weeks ahead.

Just finished watching U-Dub and Fresburg on tape. Washington was getting pushed around some, Stanback takes off as soon as he sees a different colored jersey go whizzing by his ear, so the idea is to contain. He is not a great passer, and likes to dump off a lot. Still we have not done well with running QB's much lately, so I always worry.


Didja watch "Friday Night Lights" last night? If not, it's on tonight again at 8 on Channel 4. Paul and I do the play-by-play voice-overs. I hear now they might be opting to have it done where they film in Texas, but really, it would be much better quality, don't you think, if they just did it in post-production at Universal? It's so easy. Plus Paul and I are apt to talk about it incessantly on the air if they use us, but not so much if they don't, eh? You'd think they'd want the golden touch of the Trojans all over the product, to help ensure a winner, right? That's our thinking, certainly!

The pilot is good drama, good football, as ex-Trojan Allan Graf is the football specialist, not to mention coach of the opposing team on opening night! They plan to make this a drama that caters to the ladies, sort of a football soap opera, but if the football is as good as last night every week, they'll draw the guys like crazy.

They only plan to have football games on the show every three or four weeks, so Paul and I still have a chance.


Being more or less out of work leaves me a lot more time to work on game preparation. Tuesday, this week (unlike last) was very normal. PC lunch, downstairs prep, talk with Willie B., hit the field, exchange the board with Eddie, eat and head home. No surprises. Good!

With the extra time, I have worked ahead pretty well on Arizona State, and even done some early work on Oregon State!


Galen Center opens Thursday with undefeated SC Volleyball. You gonna be a first nighter? I can't, but soon enough.


Can we finally get rid of Rich Donnelly at third base as coach? Jeez. He is overly aggressive to the point of lunacy (in baseball terms) I don't know the guy from Adam, only what I see with too much frequency. And how slow is freakin' Jeff Kent. Donnelly was bad to send him in the first place (yes) and not paying attention to Drew as he came around (probably) and Drew ran with his head down not sure, but probably), and once he saw Kent coming in late by ten feet (I hope so) he ought to have slammed on the brakes and gone back. I tell little leaguers never to run towards someone holding the ball, go the other way and make them make a play on you, don't make it easy on them. Mets 6 Dodgers 5. Think that won't haunt them till next year? Top Stories