Pete's Arboblog - Friday edition

A good and short practice on Thursday, leading up to "ethnic food night". This time a spread of Chinese cuisine for all to have at.

It was difficult to think that after not practicing all week and having an odd looking configuration bandages on his injured shoulder, that DJ will see time tomorrow, unless we are in such dire straights that he absolutely MUST play.

The punt returnees are having trouble, daily mind you, catching the ball. Fumbles followed by push-ups are becoming increasingly regular. Alarms are going off in my head. Someone who knows made up the adage "you play like you practice". Perhaps just put a wide receiver back there to fair catch, or rush 11 and let it roll. I am afraid.

I usually sit at dinner with strength and conditioning coaches Jaime Yanchar and Chris Carlisle, plus man of all trades Tino Martinez (he's the guy who blows that horn at practice, just for point of reference) plus the cook, sometimes T-Ray the team's security guy ("hey you can't watch practice from up there, go one get out of there!"—that guy!—who takes his job seriously, but is just as quick to smile with anyone.)

Also recently with assistant weight lifting coach Sarah. I'm not sure of her last name. Just a waif of a woman, but strong as nails no doubt, and competes in just about every sport you can think of. A great personality, and we talk easily of body surfing, running, orienteering, etc. A kindred spirit no doubt. Real sports fan, and seem to know everyone. Even me, somehow. We shared fortune cookies, but I had to chide her and warn her about opening more than one, as if you open more than that, neither fortune comes true. She had never heard that, so was careful in reading her second one, which actually said that the cookie maker/fortune teller was busy and she should try again later!! Karma.

It was Trojan Clubs Presidents night; a gathering of all at HH after practice and they all ate with us, too. Spent part of the day with San Diego Dan and San Gabriel Sean.

Did the pre-game interview with Pete, who really understands the routine perfectly and is happy to do it. I try to be as light hearted and conversational as I can be with him, to make it much more relaxed that a traditional press conference, and I feel his appreciation in his answers.

Melanie Moreno is leaving SC. Maybe not a big deal or even a name you know, but big deal to many others and me. She doles out tickets, plans special events, and generally tackles any number of meticulous jobs in the Athletic Department. Got another gig, more money, so on and so on. She has been a delight to work with, and we all wish her luck on her final day today. She said the highlight of her job was working with DeSha Runnels at the next desk.

Good luck Mel…come back any time!

Survivor was a little dull last night, but they got rid of the right guy, he did nothing all day and though he could get away with it.

Headed home for Jenny's birthday, she's __ years old today. I'm taking her out after the game tomorrow for live music and art…then to the Ice House. It's now solely a comedy club, but was a day when up and coming musical acts went through. Saw the Association there, also Stephen Bishop, but my favorite was Roto, (the wonder band).

The Spirit of Troy is dong a musical salute to Spielberg/Lucas tomorrow, sounds good on the practice field. Didja know Dr. Art and the band were given no seats at Pullman last week, so they STOOD the entire game. Amazing. Wonderful. Just for that, give them a loud ovation when they come on for the pre gamer torero, okay?

Now if I could just get them to do the So-Cal the old way, the good way, the RIGHT way. The one they do now sounds like Weird Al doing his parody of Nirvana "smells like teen sprit" mumbles with marbles in their mouths. You can't even understand what was at one time the greatest cheer in the world. Sad.


10 days to the Long Beach half marathon. Feeling okay, for the moment.

Heading to the Marshall at Eagle Rock game today. Revenge!!

Fight On, and Go Barristers!

See you all in the morning, anyone going to the water polo game at 10? Top Stories