Newcomers hit the field

The Trojan newcomers hit the field today as the freshmen and junior college transfers held their first official workout of the fall. The following a recap of how the players looked in this brief shorts and shoulder pads practice:

Van Brown - stood out the most of any player on the field, not just for his size but for how many plays he was making. In the short scrimmage to end the practice Van had a pass knock down, a sack and was in the backfield all day.

Dominique Byrd - Very thick but a little shorter than anticipated, actually looks very similar to Alex Holmes right now.

Hershel Dennis - Is the only running back in camp right now so he was getting a lot of personal attention from Kennedy Pola. Hershel did a great job knowing his assignments when Pola put him through the paces to identify his man in different formations. He also made several nice grabs to show off his solid hands including a one-hander while being chased by Oscar Lua.

Chris Doyle - didn't look great as he will probably lose some weight quickly under the Trojan training system. Chris is at LG.

Winston Justice - Very solid opening day although Van Brown beat him a few times in the scrimmage. As he learns to translate his tremendous strength into football power he will be a great one.

Kurt Katnik - One of the more impressive players yesterday in the early conditioning and classroom sessions, Katnik is at 257 lbs. and showed good form in blocking drills. Kurt is at RG.

Ryan Kileen - Ryan was seen practicing his on-side kicks at one point in practice but other than that he didn't do much.

Fred Matua - Fred has been moved to center and stayed after practice to get some extra work with the walk-on QB's on snaps. He looks to be in great shape and ready to go.

Chris McFoy - Struggled to catch the ball in early sessions (to be fair the passes were not great during the practice) and came down hard on his leg while attempting a catch out of bounds, when he got up he was suffering cramps and stayed out the rest of the day.

Ronald Nunn - A pleasant surprise, Nunn looked very good in cover drills and had two picks in one passing drill.

LaJuan Ramsey - playing on the inside, LaJuan is very sturdy and thick. He had a fumble recovery, which made Ed Orgeron very happy.

Mike Ross - another very pleasant surprise. Is a little skinny but has a swagger to him on the football field and was around the ball a lot. Had one solid shot on Dominique Byrd while fighting off a block attempt and later came back with an interception.

Frostee Rucker - we may have found ourselves a player. Frostee has good size (6'4"-6'5", 220-225 lbs) and it was obvious that he had played college football before because he practiced at a little higher speed than some other guys. He was playing WLB.

Dallas Sartz - Dallas is at SLB and he looks to have added about 10-15 lbs. over the summer. He had a tipped pass knocked down but he also dropped one potential interception that was thrown a little low.

Travis Tofi - Travis is playing DT and is wearing #98. He made a few plays in the scrimmage including one where he tracked down the QB for a loss but he also let Hershel Dennis escape one tackle with a move that was actually a nifty bit of running. He looked raw in the footwork drills, that is to be expected with his limited football background but you can definitely see that he has some skills.

Daniel Urquhart - thick at 265 or 270 lbs., he is at DE right now and looked pretty good.

Kyle Williams - One thing that stands out is the impressive frames for both Williams and Justice. If they can continue to develop the sky is the limit but both got beaten today by more experienced defensive ends. Kyle is at RT.

Mike Williams - what an impressive physical receiver. He didn't get a chance to show much in the receiving drills, one of the disadvantages of only having walk-on QB's available is that there was a shortage of quality passes on the day, but his presence is enough to give thought that he will play a contributing role this year. Mike suffered cramps in both legs midway through practice but came back to finish the day.

Justin Wyatt - was arguably the best at footwork drills but didn't do anything else to really stand out. Top Stories