ASU game day travel guide

A listing of things to do and see at the next Trojan home game


Oct. 14 – Kickoff 5:00 p.m. PDT
Televised – ABC
Location: Los Angeles
Stadium: Memorial Coliseum (grass)
Seating Chart: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Capacity: 92,516
Ticket - $40
Websites: www.the


From the North

1.Take the 110 Freeway south
2. Exit Exposition Blvd., turn left on Flower St.
3. Follow the directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the South

1.Take the 110 Freeway north
2.Exit Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
3. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and follow directional signs to Coliseum parking lots.

From the East

1.Take the 10 Freeway west
2.Exit Los Angeles St.
3. Turn left on Broadway St. or Hill St.
4. Follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

From the West

1.Take the 10 Freeway east
2. Exit Hoover St. and turn right
3. Turn left on Jefferson St.
4. Turn right on Figueroa St.
5. Continue past campus and follow directional signs to Coliseum and parking.

Tommy Trojan Game Day Tips

The Trojan Campus – Well, we're back to our old 5:00 p.m. televised start time and the campus will adjust nicely. Although we can't guarantee it, watch for news on tours and Open House for the new Galen Events Center, the ultimate in college sports and special events arena. Don't know about you, but there is a lot of excitement over that big window that showcases downtown Los Angeles. It's being talked about in reverent terms. Of course, there is always The Trojan Marching Band campus rally near Tommy Trojan before the band proceeds to the Coliseum for the game.

The Trojan Bookstore – Word has it that last week's game against Washington brought a buyers' feeding frenzy to the Bookstore, and lines were as so long you could almost see the Coliseum. Not to worry. This was "only" three hours before the game and with a little planning, we advise you get there before the rush begins. We suggest you consider four hours before the game. Hey, what do you expect whenyour favorite team has won 50 of its past 52 games and has a 29 home winning streak?

Tailgate – Have you tried the new Miller Beer Garden inside the Sports Arena? There are plenty of round tables and chairs and you gotta love those plasma televisions that keep up with the important games of the day. It's all free except for the liquid refreshments, but who wants a freebee anyway? Oh, you do? The "Miller Girls" will be happy to greet you and, yes, they make for good photographs to show your friends. They're so attractive that even your other half won't be offended if you get in on the photo opportunity.

The Trojan Walk – The Trojan team parades in as a team around two hours before kickoff and if this thing gets any bigger, fans might have to go through Ticketmaster. Pete Carroll's players are very appreciative of the support and don't be surprised that you can slap hands with quarterback John David Booty, wide receiver Steve Smith, or defensive end Lawrence Jackson. In fact, better arrive early for this one too because the female admirers seem to have this attraction for a certain Trojans' head football coach. Common fellas, all's fair after your photo with the Miller Girls.

Game Day Sports Bar/Restaurant

Philippe The Original (Los Angeles)
1001 N. Alameda
213-628-3781 Top Stories