Broderick Green mid-season update

Little Rock (Ark.) Pulaski Academy running back Broderick Green (6-1, 230) has started well in 2006 and the future Trojan is even more excited about the future.

"I've been doing well this year," said Green. "It's been a fun season and I'm enjoying it. But yeah, I'm looking forward to playing at the next level."

Despite being heavily recruited by several schools even with his commitment to USC, Green remains adamant that his future will be in Los Angeles.

"I'm still talking to a couple of schools, but I'm still solid for USC," said Green. "Me and Marc Tyler talk about being like Lendale White and Reggie Bush."

Green did indicate that he will take official trips to at least three other schools, but that not much should be made of it.

"I'll probably visit Penn State, Georgia Tech, Tennessee and USC," said Green. "I'm not sure about the other one. I'll probably just take an unofficial visit to Arkansas. I had some of the trips scheduled but I have to go back and change them because my mom wants to go with me."

One of those was the trip to Los Angeles for when the Trojans host Notre Dame.

"I was supposed to go out there for the Notre Dame game, but I'm not sure if that is the weekend we're going," said Green. "I've got to see if that weekend works. But I will definitely be visiting there. I've been out there (unofficially) and I liked everything that I saw."

Green said the primary reason he's tripping elsewhere has more to do with seeing different schools and their environments and less with second thoughts.

"I just want to take everything in that I can and see some new schools and what they're surroundings are like," said Green. "I mean, my family said they would like me to stay close but they said whatever is best for me, if that means going away, then to go there."

Green was able to see USC when they visited Arkansas opening weekend and he's been keeping a close eye on the Trojans since the start of the season.

"I've been watching USC play and they've been doing really good," said Green. "A couple of the running backs have been playing well. That definitely stood out to me, the way they run the ball."

Green said that running backs coach Todd McNair has been staying in contact with him throughout the season.

"I talk to Coach McNair once a week," said Green. "He's been on me since the beginning and with Brennan Carroll. I like the staff there (at USC) a lot."

Through six games, Green has rushed for 747 yards on 130 carries and scored nine touchdowns and caught 22 passes for 312 yards and two scores. Top Stories