Wednesday practice report

It was a high enery practice on Wedneday, helped along when Pete Carroll gathered the team together during warm-ups and let them know what kind of effort he was looking for today.

It was Turnover Wednesday and, although we didn't see too many turnovers, it was still good to see the way in which the team went about their business today. On offense, we continued to work on the deep passing game (the return of Dwayne Jarrett certainly helps) while on defense we saw some pretty aggressive play.

You first noticed the good energy during the run drill on Brian Kennedy Field. Stafon Johnson took an early handoff up the middle and was running hard, Allen Bradford pounded up the middle a few plays later for another solid gain. Mike Morgan made a nice play for the defense with a tackle on C.J. Gable and then followed up a couple plays later with a tackle of Stafon. His defensive teammates gave Mike a lot of verbal support for his good play. Alex Morrow also had a nice play when he got Stafon behind the line of scrimmage for a one yard loss.

When the team broke into service team drills, we saw Stafon Johnson and Allen Bradford take turns as Stafon spent the first part of the drill with the service offense (Bradford was with the first offense) and they switched midway through. Those two hard runners are a very good test for the defense to go against every day. One thing we noticed during the first offense drills is that whenever a running back took a carry and got through the front seven, he would continue running the play out to the end zone. Chauncey Washington was the first one to do it, then Stafon on a couple different runs. It was good to see them putting in the extra work like that, especially to see Stafon working hard like that after some had questioned his early season work habits. John David Booty had a couple real nice back to back deep throws, the first one went to Vidal Hazelton who made a wonderful one-handed catch and the second was a fade to Patrick Turner. He tried to go deep again for a third time but the ball was underthrown to Vidal. A couple plays later he underthrew Patterson on a deep route. Mark Sanchez came in and hit Travon on a crossing route and the prevailing thought among observers at practice is that it's only a matter of time before Vidal and Travon become a bigger part of the offense. Even considering the fact that there are only so many balls to throw around, these two are a consistent part of the practice efforts and they will pay off sooner or later. Booty hit Jarrett on a deep slant, it's so nice to see Dwayne back in action, and then he hit Vidal up the middle. Emmanuel Moody had a nice run where he got into the secondary and then kicked it into high gear before taking it to the house. Stafon had perhaps his best run of the day when he went off right tackle and lowered his shoulder to run through a tackle attempt by Morgan. Booty completed a deep ball to Jarrett. The last play of the drill was a pretty play action completion from Booty to C.J. Gable along the sideline.

During a skeleton passing drill we saw Turner catch a pair of touchdown passes. The first came from Sanchez and it was a good grab because the ball was a little behind Patrick yet he was able to reach back and make the catch.

The team drill featured a few highlight plays. Booty completed a pass to Anthony McCoy in the flat and the pass seemed to go directly between the outstretched arms of incoming pass rusher Chris Barrett. A few plays later the ballcarrier (not sure who it was) put the ball on the ground and it was the most active pile-up we've seen in a long time as the hungry defense went hard after the loose ball, when the pile broke up the refs awarded the ball to the offense. Sanchez hit Patterson over the middle and Clay Matthews came from behind to clobber him and land on top of him for the tackle.

* During punt drills we saw Travon Patterson and Vidal Hazelton as the return men.

* Troy Van Blarcom had a monster kickoff during warm-up drills where the ball went out of the back of the end zone and hit halfway up the netting behind the end zone. David Newbury estimated the kick at 85 yards.

* Bob Leinart was in attendance and he said Matt was excited about Ryan Davidson visiting him in Phoenix on Sunday for the Cardinals game.

* Steve Smith was doing agility work on the sidelines with the trainers during the early part of practice. Jamere Holland caught passes after practice for the second day in a row. Top Stories