Pete's Arboblog

I inducted all of the active kickers into the Turtle Club (the International Association of Turtles for you google freaks). Kickers, being what they are, ought to all be members.


A couple of fun things from Wednesday.

I sat with Steve Smith briefly as he sat on the training table area. His ankle feels better, but I still have my doubts as to his availability and the need to use him unnecessarily.

Some of the guys play a game when they are out of service for the day wherein they throw a football at each other from about 5-10 paces. They score a point for hitting their opponent in the chest (it gets caught, so it WOULD have hit the guy there) and two points for a face shot. First to 11 and win by two wins the game. Oscar Lua is deadly at this game, practically, but not completely unbeatable. Didn't he used to pitch in baseball in high school?

Went to the Galen Center tour with media members, but must miss the opening event tonight (see below). Still got a lot of work to do, but they aren't worried. It'll be done before too long, and it's plenty good for tonight. Going to see the Reverend Al Green in concert there next Saturday.

Went over the Coliseum to place an active geocache near the naked statues. It'll be active by tomorrow.

I inducted all of the active kickers into the Turtle Club (the International Association of Turtles for you google freaks). Kickers, being what hey are, ought to all be members. Their cards are on the way. Imperial Turtles Collins, Danelo, Van Blarcom and Woidneck. If you are a Turtle yourself, and ONLY if you are, then you may ask the secret question when you see them.

Later last night, I officiated the 50th birthday anniversary celebration of my long time friend and Trojan alum (1978) Dan Longo, whom I met at Marshall High in 1971. Surrounded by friends and colleagues at the Palm, we talked a goodly amount about his past, about the Trojans, and had a good time. They, too, are Turtles now! He, he. Not the Flo and Eddie kind, either.

Danny's a great guy, although I felt funny (they are a group of rather well to do lawyers—come to think of it Dan's been a Barrister for a long time!) and they all drive really expensive cars, live in fashionable parts of the OC, while I drive a smoking, rattling old Hyundai that's not clean and live in a shoe box in Venice. I guess life isn't all about things as much as happiness and love and peace in your heart, and helping others. Not that they don't do all that, and I am sure Dan and his buds do…but I still felt out of place when I drive off somehow.

Training for the half marathon for Sunday in Long Beach goes on. Mostly by resting my weary legs. They really were barking at me, but feeling better. So much so, I think I can almost do it.

Today, missing practice as my son KC turns 19, and I'm taking all of my kids out to dinner and hanging out with ‘em.

See you Saturday. Fight On!


Some of the prevailing thought a few days after another close call:

Most at practice today seem to be aligned that the team needs to do the little things a little bit better in order to put it all together. Most generally agree we are not that far off.

Finish drives with TD's not FG's, of course. Hit those long passes. Tighter on the man in the pass defense. Keep kicking the ball out of the end zone, or at least into it! Stop living on past year's laurels. This is this year; start making your own name, stop thinking you will win and win big just because it used to be that way.

These aren't my thoughts, but those I heard out loud from practice-attendees. All fairly reasonable ramblings.

I find very little fault with much of it.

From my perspective, just keep the outside influences out, work hard, do your job, as well as you can, keep improving, and things can't help but be good, and continue to be good.

Good prepwork day, working on ASU bios, watching ASU game tapes (man they looked ordinary against Colorado, and Cal made them look silly in the first half. Did some Oregon State work early…noticed that I am mentioned in the OSU guide for having called the SC game up there from the sidelines in the fog two years ago. Who new anyone noticed from their side. Cool!

Even started work on the Stanford board briefly.


My good friend Petros Papadakis is a free agent, or close to it. He has left his job at KMPC radio on his own volition as of yesterday. I wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavors. (That's a line that often appears in letters of dismissal from places of business—it's a joke of course—most of the time, they have showed you the door in their own best interests, not yours, and they generally have very little desire for you to be successful in any way.) I actually hope for Petros to have nothing but fun and success in his future endeavors, and perhaps in part because we wish for this, it actually will come true.

Speaking of a similar thing, one guy wrote me and another stopped me in the street at the Coliseum the other day before the game and both told me how positively they felt about my season's dedication towards helping those les fortunate than ourselves with at least one inter-personal act each week during the season (and beyond?) towards that end.

I stated then, that if we all did that, then the Trojans would be just fine. Due to the close nature of our recent games, I am thinking some of you are counting on others to do these things, and as a result, perhaps the Gods are testing your mettle. I suggest we all get with the program. It really has no bearing on the SC season, but it sure has a bearing on each of our lives and those whom you touch.


Want a great Halloween haunt? It's free; it's just a single house. My friend Stephanie Truitt, a former bandsperson and SC Alum does these amazing (I mean AMAZING) pumpkin sculptures with decorations in her yard and hands out candy and stuff to the kids…

It's on Russell ave, between Hillhurst and Commonwealth just south of Franklin in Los Feliz 90027…. Halloween night at dusk till??? Stop by with the kids, and good trick or treating all over the area.


Friday Night Lights had no football action this week, certainly none with Paul or me. I think we are done after one shot. We coulda been stars, dang it. Top Stories