Pete's Arboblog - ASU review

Another Saturday, another win. 6-0 is 6-0 is 6-0. Now we're number two, and that hasn't been a good place to be lately. But for sure, we are not going to lose next week!

Watched a little kid soccer this morning after spending Friday night getting soaked at Santee High School. The Falcons fans threw stuff at us from the street, there appears to be a really seedy hotel just across the street from the field, no dressing room for the visiting team, yet a multi million dollar facility for the home team, and a great track, a new pool, bla bla bla.

All they need now is some football players. And the ones they have are not very good as a team. And they sure like to talk and push and hit after the play. It irritated Marshall coaches and players so much so that they poured it on until the ref ran a running clock fourth quarter. The game had already been shortened to ten-minute quarters after a 45-minute rain and lightning storm passed through just after kickoff. It was a good old midwestern type rain, too…thoroughly soaking everyone and everything before letting go.

Marshall won 45-0. On to Belmont week.

Got to the Coliseum early to get all ready, felt good going in, and felt like the team would do what they did at the start, although I thought they would do it all the way through. Something happened on the way though, and all of a sudden it was tied.

The team and we had a really good fourth quarter. A very memorable drive for Chauncey to win it. Defense goes back to 4-3 and stops ‘em cold when it matters. ASU did a fine job defensively of adjusting and holding SC to short passes, virtually making the passing game go away in the second half. SC did what needed to be done in crunch time to stay unbeaten at the bye.

Cal struggled with WSU a bit, only winning 21-3 up at Pullman. Florida gets beat by Auburn, which lost to Arkansas that got toasted by SC. Michigan will be #2 but either they or Ohio State will lose when they play. It looks like that winner vs. SC or West Virginia in the big game right now. If SC loses to Cal, looks like a trip down the freeway for us in December. But Cal is not yet, and that's just fine.

Went Hawaiian shirt when ASU had to punt, and SC went on the drive. I am now out of new Hawaiian shirts. I cannot buy them myself, they must be donated somehow. Last time I bought one for myself was January 3 of this year. That did not work well.

Paul and I discuss behind the scenes how critical we can be. It is a tough spot sometimes, we want to be able to say what we think is real; we don't like to hold back when criticism is warranted. We also are free with our praise. We are paid by the University to broadcast the games. We love the Trojans, we love our jobs, and we also feel the need to be "real". The University hardly ever tells us what we can and can't talk about, really they don't, and it's not an issue. But the coaches and players are "friends" and colleagues of sorts, as are members of the administration. It's a very interesting and fine line sometimes. We want people to come and support the team and go to the games and listen to the broadcasts…after all it's a lot of fun, a great way to spend your time and energy…

Anyway, we always feel a bit sheepish when criticizing the play calling or a specific defense…but sometimes we do a little of it anyway. Not sure why I thought to bring this up other than we did some of it tonight. And I guess it came out on the air okay, and it's a small part of the job. Still, I don't feel all that comfortable doing that.

As the wise man said: "when you can't think of anything nice to say, just call the play!"

Running the half marathon Sunday morning in Long Beach with Jenny. Going to bed now. Race starts at 7:30. Think good thoughts. Fight On!


UCLA is playing at Notre Dame this week. I can't bring myself to root for either team. I hope they both lose. I hope the Bruins lose more. Top Stories