Monday practice report

It was nearly impossible to come away from practice today with the belief that the Trojans had a bye this Saturday. Several starters did not participate, but the intensity level was high throughout.

The defensive backs went through several drills, including one where they worked on shedding blocks and securing the sideline. Terrell Thomas spent some extra time with Shareece Wright during this drill. Wright stands to see some actual playing time in the coming weeks and he looks more than ready for it.

The defensive line looks like they've certainly heard the criticisms about not getting to the quarterback. Every one of them was tearing through bag drills and the coaches seem like they're strenghtening their motivational tactics during practice.

The surprise of the day had to be Jamere Holland returning to action. On the first play of the third-string scrimmage, Holland ran a simple go route and went up over Vincent Joseph for a 35-yard touchdown reception from Mike McDonald. Holland continued to play well throughout the day, but it was pretty funny to watch Coach Sarkisian run over to Holland and coach him on his route before just about every play.

It ended up being another very quick Monday practice, but the Trojans look prepared to put in two solid weeks of preparation for the second half of the schedule. Top Stories