Pete's Aboblog

Another weekend gone, still undefeated! I figured BYE was going to be tough, and we would hold them off for a 6 or 7 point win at the end!

Of course this allowed us to play scoreboard and compare. I feel a bit better about: Our upcoming "death march" in November---Cal plays a Stanback-less Washington to a draw—Oregon loses at Wazzu, and the Pac 10 may be a bit better than we thought or the Domers aren't as good as all that, either way it's a wash as far as we are concerned.

Is anyone else wondering how Arkansas keeps getting ranked lower than Auburn? They lead the same division Auburn is in, are likely to represent said division in the SEC final over the Auburn team they killed in Alabama??!!

The one rule the BCS still has yet to implement that will embarrass them again someday, maybe soon is: If you don't win your conference, you can't win the national championship.

If Auburn wins out, Ohio State beats Michigan (or vice versa) and SC loses to anyone, Ohio State could play Auburn, a team that can't even make it's own league final, in the BCS "championship game" That of course would be preposterous, could never happen. Unless it's Oklahoma playing LSU a couple of years ago after getting swallowed whole in the Big 12 final.


Marshall won the Big Game. Beating Belmont for the third straight year, 28-7 this time. It was 28-0 with a half minute to go when Belmont, with all of its starters in, marched down the field to score on Marshall's second and third team.

With 40 seconds left and Belmont with 3rd and long at midfield, the Belmont QB threw a pass while a yard past the line of scrimmage, but because of the score and the time remaining, the refs conferred quickly and even though the line judge saw the infraction, the decided to give the play to Belmont to the Marshall 15 yard line. They scored tow plays later, denying Marshall a fourth shutout of the year, which would have tied the all time school record.

Still, it's always good to squash your archrival. On the Lincoln Tigers.


Went to the Al Green concert last night at the Galen Center. He was in good form, crowd enjoyed it. Al loves to give roses to women and girls in the crowd's front rows; he even gave one to Pete Carroll, who promptly gave it to Glenna.

Let's Stay Together is a great song. And the good reverend knows it…as he said; "I've sung this in your car, in your living room, even in your bedroom. Thanks for letting me in!"


Looking forward to getting back to it this week. Beavers are looking OK; it should be a tough interesting game. Hopefully we get healthier and are ready to turn it on for the second half, like the second half team we are. Top Stories