Tuesday practice report

Another very good energy day as the Trojans have come out for the start of the second half of their season with a pair of very solid practices in a row.

The first thing we noticed was that Garrett Green was back at quarterback in a yellow #14 jersey. As more players came through the gates we noticed that Luthur Brown was dressed in full uniform, an unexpected development after his recent hamstring injury. It was also good to see Oscar Lua out there going through all the drills as he continues to recover from a hamstring of his own.

Watching the offensive line drills from the sidelines was Lenny Vandermade. Great to see Lenny out there, it was the first time I can remember seeing him since he graduated. Lenny suffered a knee injury last year which has kept him on the sidelines ever since, he was most recently on the roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

You really got a sense of the energy today on the first play of the run drill held on Brian Kennedy Field. Chauncey Washington took a handoff and went off left guard before getting into the secondary and sprinting for the 40 yard touchdown. Keith Rivers had a nice stop to prevent Emmanuel Moody from reaching the corner on a sweep play. Kyle Moore stuffed an Allen Bradford run attempt at the line. Moody then had a weaving run through the line of scrimmage which was punctuated with a stiff arm on Antwine Perez when he reached the secondary. Bradford did a good job to get to the outside after a move on Jeff Schweiger.

I stayed to watch the service team offense against the first defense because I wanted to see how Garrett Green looked against our defense. With all due respect to Michael McDonald, Garrett Green is simply a bigger weapon to have as the service team QB and he provided a more accurate look for the defense in terms of the quality of player they will face. Green did a real nice job getting the ball downfield on several plays, he had a couple completions both to David Ausberry and Jimmy Miller. I also liked the way Stafon Johnson ran the ball again today with the service team. When Stafon's time comes, he will be ready.

When the linemen moved to Brian Kennedy Field for one on one blocking drills, the skill players stayed on Howard Jones Field for a skeleton passing drill. The two best catches I saw were from Fred Davis and Vidal Hazelton (had to really stretch out for the ball across the middle).

Unfortunately, I did not get to stay for the team drill session as I headed over to the Ryan Francis Scholarship Fund kickoff event at the Galen Center. It was a first class reception with a video on Ryan, self guided tours of Galen and a Q&A session with Coach Floyd at the end of the night. There were over 300 guests in attendance, a nice start on endowing a scholarship for a worthy cause.

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