Pete's Arboblog

Ahhhhhhhhhh—it was so good to get back to it today!

The PC lunch started the day off well, even though we actually had meat a couple of weeks ago, it was back to pasta today, although the one dish had pasta with broccoli and artichoke parts, so who can complain really?

Everyone seemed bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to go into the "second half" of the season. Later downstairs, I got in some important prep work, but Willie Brown was not in today, so wed did not have our usual chat about the game. We DID however see each other at the Al Green concert, and again at dinner after practice tonight, so that made up for it I feel in my bones.

Got to do the women of troy report for the pre-pre game show as Suzy is out with a family passing. Interviewed the affable and lovable Shay Murphy. We killed two minutes easily. She is such a good player and fun person, just love her to pieces. Looking forward to the women's hoops season, for sure. Saw and spoke with Tim Floyd who was on his way over to the very first men's roundball practice at Galen.

Worked the Beaver board, then some Stanford and a very little pre prep of the Ducks stuff. More tonight while watching the series. As an NL fan, I find it hard to root for the AL representative, unless it's the Red Sox or Angels. The rest of em I can take or leave. National League ball for me!

Got three Hawaiian shirts from donor number one, who shall go nameless until it's time to unveil, if ever. One is first in line for this week and beyond. The other two are on the waiting list, one really isn't all that Hawaiian, it's more a shirt with golfers on it. The other is Christmas themed, so might have to wait.

Then got a shirt in the mail from donor number two. Got to practice and donor number three was waiting for me with a really nice and very new one! Then got one from donors #4. Earlier in the week my ex-wife gave me one, but it was orange and black, so I hung it in my son's closet. I might wear it to the beach, but it does not make the rotation.

By the way, the shirts do NOT have to be new. They can be from your private reserve. I'd prefer it that way, as long as they are XL or Large. McDonald was making noise that no one was sending him any; so with me having a backlog of a few now, perhaps you cold help the poor guy out!!

How good was it to see DJ going up and adjusting and stiff arming guys? Or Steve Smith at full speed. Practice was good and business like, very tough and good. I am very intrigued, as are we all, to see what kind of team comes out this Saturday, as we get ready for November just around the corner. Championship month beckons!

Spent time with Ed and Lawrence, Frank the Tank and Gail/Gayle/Gale of San Pedro and Jim Hardy and Garry P. who all took the oath of induction for the Turtles today. All Hail to Thee!

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